Infinite Glitches on OG Xbox 1

So, I’m playing Infinite on an og xbox 1, but ive revently been coming scross glitching that I didnt experience during the first month/month and a half of release. Below is a list, and im curious as if anyone else is experiencing the same thing:

  • Nade Spamming

    ^ I’ll have matches where my nades begin to randomly get thrown. I’ve played other Halos and even switched controllers, but it seems to be Halo specific.

  • No-Sprint On Spawn + 3 bullets missing from clip and auto-shoot.

    ^I’ll have moments where I’ll re-spawn and I’m already missing 3 bullets from my BR and I cant sprint. This also causes me to auto shoot with any weapon im holding.

  • Longer Load Times (probably just a hardware issue)

    ^At times ill completely misses the map preview and showing of spartans at the start and just be loaded directly into a match. I’ve got pretty good internet (200+ down) and my average ping is around 40-60 depending on the server. This also effects load times after a match as well.

Please let me know if anyone else on an OG X1 is encountering the same things as me.