Infinite forge conveyor belts

did you ever play that game “the incredible machine”? remember the 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 unit rubber tread conveyor belts with little metal wheels?

well i suggest animated props that are conveyor belts you can just copy and paste and drop right in to maps for smooth physics like scenery dropping scrap metal into foundry crucibles or some other silly ideas so ppl new to forge can have fun too

from cam

also slow,medium fast conveyor belt speed option (or even better user defined rate)

I would go the other way… and make it more complicated.

Hopefully the scripting language is powerful enough that people can simulate conveyer belts and any other types of machine they can think of. Area volumes where they can change the vectors on objects inside the volume.

It will frustrate some as it won’t be a simple drag and drop in Forge.

But the potential output will be far greater.

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