Infinite flighting feedback

I just want to start by saying this was a really good flight and overall I am very happy with the game. It is a lot of fun.
So I figure it’s probably best to just make a dot point list for the smaller things and then expand upon the bigger things down below.

  • I think more options are always good. Such as forced red vs blue, moving things in the hud around.
  • Love this. again, just another option.
  • All of the weapons feel really good to use, except maybe the new carbine, but not sure as to how to fix it as I think it functions well.
  • When scoped in with the sniper, there is a second larger circle around the actual reticule. This throws me off a bit and I would rather it was removed. Also, the reload animation, I think could be a lot more satisfying. Look to the halo 3 sniper for the best reload animation from any game.
  • I think the zoom on weapons that don’t get descoped should be a little bit reduced. I also think all it should do is zoom in a little, not reduce spread or increase range.
  • I think the bulldog is in a good place and doesn’t need its damage fall off reduced.
  • The needle feels a little inconsistent. The first time I used it, it was lethal, but other times it seems to not kill after a full clip, not sure if it’s just my aim or?
  • I think we have the perfect amount of aim assist and bullet magnetism.
  • The Sniper and Skewer should be difficult to use. Especially since the skewer is made for vehicles and is a one shot kill no matter where you hit them.
  • I want much more verticality on maps. The only map that had some was Recharge.
  • All of the maps look really good and it is nice to have different themes. Would be great if future maps continue this trend.
  • I’d like for the butlr A.I. to be more like a butler.
  • I understand the situation and realise the chance is 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001, but If you could get a church A.I. from Burnie, or maybe you could just use lines from the show, with permission of course. Either way, this would be my A.I.
  • I’m sure people would also want Jeff Stietzer to be an A.I. option.
  • I’d also like the option to turn personal A.I. off.
  • And a slider for how much they do talk.
  • I really like the limit we have on grenades. That’s a massive issue I have with Halo 2.
  • I think this weapon sandbox is the best we have had since Halo 3. The lack of weapon overlap is really nice and everything feels unique.
  • Not sure if it was just for the lighting, but we need to have some default colour coating options unlocked by default at launch.
  • I want grenade jumping reintroduced into the game.
  • If clamber has to remain in the game, its activation radius is perfect. DO NOT increase it.
  • I’d also like player collision back. I was unsure originally because it’s great not having teammates jumping into you and pushing you off cliffs, but I think you should also have to be weary of them. The reason that decided it for me is the different jumping techniques that disappear with it. It should at least be an option in custom games.
  • The amount of options we have in settings is fantastic!
  • Optional blood would be nice. Even better if we can choose how much.
  • The music is incredible.
  • The medals are too small and in a weird position.
  • Also, the medals appear to be in tiers now and are colour coded to them. This results in some medals like running riot and rampage looking almost exactly the same.
  • The TTK might be a bit too low, but I only got an hour with actual players so can’t say for sure.
  • Jump height is great.
  • Bots tbagging would also be great.

I think Equipment should be more neutral to play where possible. Drop wall should be flat, not curved to guard the user. Its strength though is perfect. The threat sensor should also highlight friendly players to the enemy.

Move base speed up to sprint speed and remove sprint. Change the sprint button to a slide button. If sprint has to be in the game, hopefully, you can reduce the difference between base and sprint speed a bit more. Then change radar to be like it used to be. If no changes are made with sprint, keep radar as is.

The UI needs to be massively overhauled. Vertical is way better than horizontal. Reach, I think has the perfect UI and look to there for examples. There have also been some other mockups on reddit that also improve upon what we have now.

Bazaar plays a little standoffy (not like the map standoff) it’s kind of just people shooting from each walkway that connects the upper levels of the buildings overlooking top middle. Once you grab rockets, you are forced to drop down and run back to the edge of one of the sides just to get back to the upper level because if you run through bottom middle to jump back up you’ll get lit up.

Got some really good points here OP

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> Got some really good points here OP

Thanks for reading it. I’m really enjoying Infinite so far and want it to be the best it can be.