Infinite Flight Feedback

To better categorize, I’ll sort items by things that were broken/should change, things that weren’t broken but would be better if changed, and things that could cha

Broken/needs changes:

  • Menu background camera can glitch when switching between menus. - Spartan cannot be rotated (with mouse) in “Body & AI” - Prosthetic menu shows different choice - “None” shows prosthetic hand for example. Still follows choice selected during gameplay - FOV slider sometimes resets between play-sessions. - TAB (scoreboard) unbound itself randomly - Cosmetic previews don’t load in certain menus - Battlepass doesn’t show items unlocked upon level-up - Loading into a match-in-progress muffled all audio except Spartan and AI chatter.Better if changed

  • AIs need a voice preview to know what they’re like outside of matches - A few more standard armor colors. - Some standard armor colors have inconsistent color zones - eg. cadet blue has a blue visor border, whereas all others are black. Don’t know if this is intentional or not. - Cosmetic menus could be better laid out - see for example - credit to u/RKANXCV reddit - Selecting cosmetics to wear currently uses F to set and Mouse1 to see lore; should be other way around or rebindable - Battlepass shoulders should both be the same tier, as opposed to right and left side split up across tiers - Players have no collision between each other - Weapons and grenades have little to no force on ragdolls - inversely, melee kills sometimes send ragdolls flying.Could change, but not too bothered either way

  • Needler sounds too un-needler-like - Camo and Overshield could be their original Halo CE designs, where you would instead pick them up, then smash their container on you to use the powerup.