Infinite Flight Feedback - PC

I had plenty of time to play before this most recent update to the build we got, and I have to say it was great and super smooth. This newest update doesn’t seem to use my GPU as well as the old build because this new build is stuttering almost to the point of unplayability. Averaging 20% less than yesterday.

Running newest drivers on a 2060 super, 32gb of ram, and Ryzen 5 3600 CPU.

Edit: thought I should add I’m using a 144hz g-sync monitor

Update: Changing the effects to low gave a huge boost in performance, and turning on async compute smoothed out most of the stuttering.

I’m experiencing the same thing, they need to fix this ASAP


Yeah, definitely noticed a performance hit following this morning’s patch. No stuttering problems at all in ~6 hours of gametime yesterday/Thursday, but today every single game is constantly impacted (despite a smooth 55-60 FPS).

Make sure you guys file tickets on the support page aswell

I don’t know how to file a ticket

Edit: I figured it out.