I am enjoying the gameplay of the tech preview flight so far (not perfect by any means, but its still pretty good). I really am excited for the game and the fact that this reminds of halo 3 is great! (I have been invited both for console and pc)

HOWEVER, the amount of graphical issues I’m seeing BOTH on xbox and pc do alarm me. The main topic I am going to be posting here is the PC stutter issue that reminds me of the stuttering problem the fallout new vegas pc port has. Holy crap its bad. The only way to fix this is to turn off V-sync and uncap in max frames. The problem is that if you do that the screen tearing makes it pretty much unplayable if this was the final build. I sure hope this gets fixed in the final build, and im letting the team at 343 know this now so this can be fixed.Monitor LG 4k hdr
gpu: 3080ti evga
cpu: i7 8700k
motherboard: asus rog F-gaming motherboard
ram: 32GBI know this is a “early build” but 3 months before launch with this many issues including major lighting and pop in issues on xbox series X is worrying. I’m getting cyberpunk vibes. I might be a forgiving person, but not everyone is as patient as me.

If you are encountering issues during the flight, please refer to the known issues list on and submit tickets for issues not present.