Infinite feels like COD with shields

Movement speed and TTK being so high this game this game is really feeling like a sweat fest, and with how accurate the BR is and how bad desync is you simply die so fast when you poke your head out.

I may simply be at a constant disadvantage with 80 ping every game but this game is hard to have fun playing competitively.

This is largely concerning ranked play as well, I don’t know what’s up but it often feels like in 1v1’s the enemy gets an extra BR burst when they should not and I die in 3 bursts instead of 4.

I also don’t understand why as a Platinum 4 I face Onyx 1600+’s while also having unranked and golds on our teams.


To answer some replies here; I’ve played Halo for the last 15 years. I played a lot of MCC leading up to infinites release. I am comparing Infinite to past games that I have played recently.

I came to this conclusion after playing highly competitive ranked games against players in diamond/onyx.

Most games I play I experience some sort of desync or server issue resulting in odd deaths like dying from “one” melee to my face or smacking someone’s back only to have them turn around. That being said, I often notice I die incredibly fast occasionally in a 1v1 br battle (felt like dying from 2-3 BR bursts at full health).

And often I’m being shot at the millisecond my body leaves cover.

I am not an exceptionally good playing but I have not experienced these issues in past games ever.

Also, this is an oversimplification of a lot of minor issues I’m running into, but the comparison I’m also making is just straight up dying super fast at times with no indication I was shot at by more than one person.

Like I said it could be a desync thing but it often feels like the enemy gets an extra BR shot on me when they shouldn’t.

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shot someone and melee’d them for it to not count.


with all the game’s issues, this isn’t one of them lol. definitely feels like Halo idk what you’re talking about.


Is this your first Halo game? Because this is pretty par for the course of what a Halo experience is like.


you wanna talk about a cod with shields? go and play h5g


All you can do is Sprint slide and clamber.

In call of duty all you can do is Sprint slide and clamber

Halo infinite is call of duty


Halo 5 played nothing like call of duty.


He’s right you know.

Just because Halo 5 was too different and complicated for most people they like to give it grief. It’s not friendly to new players at all. People that talk smack about Halo 5 post your service record so we can see how much H5 Arena you’ve actually played.

It being the most complicated Halo game to play makes it clear that it’s nothing like Call of Duty.


“The games is too fast” “The game is like COD” No it’s not, that’s a statement that is just completely ignorant of what Halo is and what COD is. I’ve played enough Call of Duty and Halo in my life to know that they are completely different. Remove the speed from infinite and it becomes completely boring.


Are you talking to me? Because there is no way I’m posting that. All I know is that they are moves(many of them) that are simply not possible in call of duty

I’m trying to back you up.

Ohh. Ok. It’s weird the way you phrased the comment

Yeah I realised that afterward. I should have replied to the other guy instead.

Halo Infinite has gun that go boom

Call of duty has gun that go boom

Halo Infinite is Call of duty


I love the Era of gaming where anything with guns and pvp is reduced to just being a cod clone lol.


Halo and Call of Duty is in general terms pretty simlar and these similarities has existed ever since the first Call of Duty game got introduced to the market. These similarities has existed ever since Call of Duty 1 and the main difference between Call of Duty and Halo has instead been a distictly different physics engine and that some parameters are different like (usually) lower player health and lower jump height in CoD compared to Halo.

I understand the sentiments, yea.

Infinite still suffers from the same problem as Flight, which is that you feel like paper. This is strictly due to the fact you expose yourself and you get lasered by a bunch of ARs from far-mid range and you die almost instantly.

That alone makes Halo’s TTK feel too fast for a Halo game.
The AR definitely needs an effective range nerf so that people don’t feel scared to move out.


Straw man argument.

Watch gameplay for both.

Both are using the Sprint slide meta in some fashion. Esspically at high level play

Except COD is a twitch shooter and Infinite is an arena shooter with a high ttk


It boils down to the meta that becomes the normal gameplay. The Sprint slide meta is used in call of duty. Since you don’t have the ablities anymore all you got IS is the Sprint slide meta. Both Halo infinite and call of duty warzone have the exact same gameplay loop.

Classic Halo doesn’t have Sprint. Therefore not the same gameplay loop

Halo 5 has ablities therefore not the same gameplay loop.

Halo infnite is closer to Halo 4 because Sprint is the main tool to move around which. Which in turn is similar to call of duty

If we look at classic Call of Duty, it didn’t either have sprint. If I recall correctly, sprint got inttoduced to Call of Duty in 2006 when Call of Duty 3 got released (multiplayer only) and got widely adopted one year later when Call of Duty 4 got released. In Halo, the introduction of sprint took place 4 years later when Halo Reach got released.