Infinite feedback :)

sadly, i didnt get a survey to fill out, so id like to list a few things id love to see improved for the actual release of the game!!
as someone who loved getting the “perfect” medal in h5, i noticed it was a lot harder to get it in infinite. the headshots werent always fully registering, especially with the pistol. even with the br, which felt a lot better, u wouldnt get the perfect medal if a teammate shot the enemy u were shooting.

overall, the headshots just didnt feel very rewarding
it made the sniper feel incredibly clunky as well, to the point where id rather not even pick it up :frowning:

id love to be able to see people’s tags above their heads when the “intro” is playing. im assuming theres gonna be more stances and victory poses etc when the game is released, but being able to see who is who would be nice.

another huge thing id absolutely love to see would be some kind of “mvp” card, or just something to highlight the top player of a game. looking at the stats after a game was a bit hard to figure out as there were different “menus” for it.

i also noticed my ai would randomly change between games, sometimes id have butlr and then sometimes a different one, not sure why.

infinite is looking amazing so far!!