TLDR: Sniper has bloom when hip firing, not just successive shots where the reticle is expanded, no it has bloom on the very first shot you take. I think this is dumb and not fun. It goes against how every other halo game has ever worked. Its an entirely depressing change that should be reversed. It’s what made the halo sniper awesome.

Yeah so it has bloom when hip firing. I tested this multiple times in different situations. I went to the shooting range (can’t recall the exact name of the mode) and found shots missing a great portion of the time. I also went to the game mode where you play against bots and shot at the wall to see the bloom spread. I came to the following conclusions:

  • ADS works fine, no bloom at least on first shot. - Hip fire has bloom unless the reticle is red (which only occurs when aimed at an enemy within about 30 feet). - This bloom occurs on the very first shot, not just when shooting successive shots. - The bloom at 30 feet seems to be in what I would describe as a 1 foot grouping, entirely RNG as to where they go. I looked into this because while fighting bots, I would find myself thinking “Jeez, that shot I just made was spot on, why didn’t I hit him? Guess I just suck” over and over again while using the sniper. Turns out it wasn’t just me, it was the game.

I realize you can’t try this now, perhaps I should have recorded it. But if you go to the shooting range and ADS right at enemies head at least 30ish feat away, then zoom out, ensuring not to move your reticle, you will find a great deal of the shots will just completely miss, or hit body. Sometimes they hit head, as they are supposed to, but an alarming number of them just completely miss the target all together. Combine this with my findings of spread when shooting at a wall, and its easy to conclude this is an intended mechanic.

I don’t know about you, but that SUCKS! Halo has always been awesome with its sniper because no matter what you are doing, jumping, hip firing, flying in the air on a lift, being shot at, whatever, your bullets go where you are aiming. And I find it highly upsetting infinite has decided to adopt this bloom characteristic to its sniper.

It’s not my intention to argue bloom as a mechanic itself across the whole game. But allow me to do so anyway, if it were up to me I’d say get rid of it. I know some people argue realism as an inspiration for the characteristic. But I disagree with it being necessary, this is a game, let me shoot where I am freaking aiming please, anything else is just frustrating. Besides if you want to get “REALISTIC” about it, are we not futuristic super soldiers genetically and physically augmented to such a degree we can punch with the force of 20 thousand pounds? You mean to tell me my spartan or whatever he his can’t handle holding this gun steady enough it will shoot where I want it to?

No I just don’t buy it. Honestly, I think bloom is just an excuse to lower the skill gap. Make the game mechanically based on RNG as much as you can so that the skilled players can’t perform optimally and the casuals can feel good about themselves for occasionally winning the RNG lottery ticket.

But regardless, and at least with respect to the sniper. Please remove this bloom. It doesn’t coincide with almost every Halo, 1, 2 ,3 ,4 or reach, at least not on the initial shot (though honestly I would prefer it not do so on any shot, like the original three halos), its not fun to miss because the game randomly decides you miss, its just frustrating and dumb and doesn’t feel right. I love playing snipers on halo MCC, its so satisfying going around no scoping people. Haven’t you people ever heard the old song “I got a no-o-scope, I didn’t scope my killllll, background voice: he’s dead, he shot him in the head”. Pretty sure that was made specifically about halo, go look it up on the you tubes.

Please reverse this mechanic. The sniper should not have inherent and initial bloom. I’d argue it shouldn’t have it at all, even on successive shots, but I’ll concede that if you can at least fix the issue I am talking about here.

Alright, that’s it. Please add to the conversation here if you agree and would like to see this fixed. I thank you for your time.

I think the sniper is different but good different, I can’t use it to save my life atm but I’m excited to practice more with it in the full game and get used to it!

You’ve only had a few weekends to actually use it, it’ll take practice and time to get used to it, we’ve all seen the videos of people hitting mad snipes so it is doable, you’re a Spartan 4 in this game so you’re not as strong as a 2

The Halo Infinite Sniper functions like the Halo 2 Sniper which is a terrible idea and needs to be changed Halo 2 is the only sniper to ever have bloom on the first shot, this needs to be changed in infinite its not a matter of “Getting used to it” its just an unfun mechanic that plays more like a bug than actual intended mechanics.

I’m usually a pretty good Sniper on Halo, 50/Onyx in Snipers etc etc and I’m not finding the Sniper hard to use at all with no pressure. While being shot at it is impossible to use lmao.

All these no scope clips are really impressive because of the bloom the sniper has right now. There is only a chance you will actually shot where you are aiming.

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> All these no scope clips are really impressive because of the bloom the sniper has right now. There is only a chance you will actually shot where you are aiming.

Honestly I think its less impressive. Because due to bloom, shots that would have been misses (players literally missed his shot) become hits, while shots that were hits can become misses. That’s why its just not fun, its total RNG. It’s a matter of if when you shot did that milisecond create a favorable seed for a random number or not. It’s just not fun, if I wanted to gamble, I’d go open loot boxes on fortnite or something.