Infinite Feedback List

I am loving Infinite so far, it’s been polished real well thanks to the help from the community Forerunners. However, there are still a few things that peek out as issues within the game.

Armor Cores and Armor Separation.

I cannot stress how much of a disappointment this came to when me and my friends realized this. The idea of not being able to use armor coatings we obtain on any armor we want is annoying. Not to mention Reach Armor can only be used on the Mark V [B] Core and not our Mark VII core and vice versa.

Armor kits should be able to be altered slightly, whether that is visor, emblem, or one change of armor piece (i.e chest or leg pieces) they need some kind of limitation but some player choice.

Daily, Weekly, and (Hopefully) Monthly Challenges

To put it short, some weekly challenges are too specific to be able to complete.

For example:

  • “Kill five enemy Spartans by flattening them with the Repulsor in PVP.”

The Replusor isn’t a weapon on it’s own, this causes this challenge to be pretty much impossible.

  • “Kill Enemy Spartans with the Banshee’s Fuel Rod Gun in PvP.”

While I do not mind this challenge, the issue comes that everyone is gonna fight over said vehicle of which isn’t always guaranteed to spawn on every map.

Daily Challenges should be simple but also can focus gamemodes and headshot kills or with certain weapons.

Weekly challenges I believe should focus more on the casual play with a large amount of kills with specific weapon types (auto, semi, long range, short range, etc.) of which all obtain XP.

Monthly challenges should introduced with a cosmetic reward behind it’s completion, such as “Play and complete 30 games.”

Quick note: The few known challenges I know are bugged are the following:

  • “Kill an enemy Spartan with the Cindershot in PVP.”
  • “Kill an enemy Spartan with the Chaingun in PVP.”

Gamemode Filtering and Map Voting (?)

I enjoy every gamemode but trying to focus a challenge that requires specific gamemodes such as:

  • “Capture three enemy flags in PVP”
  • “Win three Capture the Flag matches in PVP.”

We should be able to filter and focus gamemodes to help the progression rate. Map filtering isn’t necessary but if we could vote it would be a nice addition.

Button and Key binds

I would like to suggest an idea to help add more than 1 use to a button. By allowing a button press to be Held or Double Tapped to use a certain item or to mark (Similar to how Destiny 2’s binds work.)


I love most of the weapons but some feel pretty weak or overall useless. The weapon below is the only weapon I believe needs some assistance to improve their performance.

  1. Stalker Rifle.

Cool weapon, long range but requires 3 shots to the head for a kill, yet has a sniper zoom. I believe it needs at least a 2 shot headshot requirement for a kill or just make it a sniper overall.

Vehicle Gravity and Health

Vehicles seem to struggle right now, their health feels low and the damage is barely visible with some vehicles. Some such as the Mongoose, Warthog, and Chopper have extremely low gravity can flip all over the place.

Vehicles like the Ghost and Banshee seem to just self destruct too early despite barely smoking or have no visible damage over all.

The Banshee bomb is very very weak, I’d recommend having its radius or damage buffed.

Matchmaking and Player Replacement

Player replacement needs some work, I when up against a team where only 1 player was on the enemy team and only 1 bot was placed on their team making the game a 2v4. If possible could we look into rejoining matches if you disconnect or player fill in?

Server and Hit Registration

I know the servers are pretty full but when I melee anyone I tend to teleport through them or they somehow slip behind me, I hope this is a server based issue. I am getting a lot of packet loss and high ping at times.

That is pretty much all of my feedback for now, I enjoy the hell out of this game, just tweaks need to be made to polish up the game for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

I have the same problem with the challenges , it won’t complete even tho I have donde it multiple times


please please please for the love of god pls bring back armor colors how they used to be pls get rid of these ugly color wheels . Let me have my purple and cyan colored spartan that i have had for years !!! I want to be unique in multiplayer everyone looks too similar , please I’m begging you let me have free range over colors .


having a filter for certain game modes would make me enjoy the game at least 2x more as sometimes i just want to play a round of oddball or slayer with the luck of the draw


Exactly! Everyone will look exactly the same if they are preset colors this sucks. I cant choose to be purple or white or Black and red if I wanted to. How -Yoink!-


They should have challenges that have you fighting bots so everyone can join in because most of the challenges are pvp focused. Just have a challenge that is like kill 30 bots or something. Not everyone wants to play pvp and would give the pve players challenges to go for.

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