Infinite Feature add request: party up

I absolutely loved the Infinite flights so far. Arena was great with bots, then playing against other people and getting a real feel for how a player judges combat compared to the AI, all the way up to the vehicular combat with BTB. But I couldn’t help but notice, you can’t party up with players. I know it’s been gone for a little while, but 343 I implore you: in social playlists, add this back please. MCC and 5 could benefit from it too, and I know you could send a game invite to recent players, but please give us the option to party up again.

I second this. I miss the “Press X to Party Up” feature.

This might not be on topic but I think 343 should add blank armour coatings to the store (or whatever it’s called), that you can buy, pick the colours and add it to your Spartan. Anyway to have custom armour coatings in Halo Infinite, I’m happy with it.