Infinite Emblems: Where's the variety?

We waited 6 years for these lackluster emblems? Where’s the variety? Where’s the creativity? And where’s my Mark of Shame???


It’s sort of weird to not have it included in a game with Covenant rebels.


This. I am too attached to my MCC emblem, and its sad I cannot do it in Infinite. We are stuck with whatever presets 343 has given us.


We should be able to create our own emblems so they can be, you know, real representations of us.

But now they will say there are techinal limitations and it would required quantum PC to make it happen. Even if we had them since H2.

I really cant understand this, the gameplay is awesome and made with the player in mind but all of these feel like other team took al the decisions


It would be sort of weird if they thought they could convince anyone by saying something like that, considering that Call of Duty: Black Ops had a very complex emblem creator compared to the Halo games, and it was released more than a decade ago.

The development of Halo Infinite was apparently somewhat disorganized, so that isn’t too unlikely.

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Yeah, the emblem customization is very lacking.

I wish the nameplate and player emblem were separated. And you should be able to FULLY customize their colors.

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I want my emblem back. They got rid of basically every single emblem from the past games.


I just actually posted this topic

tl;dr the color Palettes are either horrible contrasts, dirt, vomit, or monochrome. Makes almost every Emblem Nemeplate unusable outside of default and monochrome.

I really liked using the Runes Emblem with white and indigo, and that’s not even in the game. Huge letdown. MCC did it so right. Infinite didn’t even try.


I think the same but they already blame the UI for having 2 playlist, and then add them like in a week.

And im sure the development was a mess. The rumors of that they wanted to launch the campaign on 2020 (in a clearly bad shape btw) and the multiplayer later. We will never know

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Even though they probably lied about the playlists and UI (which isn’t a good thing), they still added the playlists, so I’m okay with that.
I’m just hoping they’ll change the rest of the game based on the feedback players have given, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much they improve the game by March.

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If only they supported an emblem making thing just like what they did in black ops----COUGH-COUGH–

oh yeah, great ideas, less money making, gotta get that revenue in somehow!

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It’s good to see that someone else here knows about Call of Duty: Black Ops’ awesome emblem maker.

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i can never disagree with that statement.

I used to spend a lot of time customizing my emblem in that game, and you could make almost anything with it.