Infinite doesn't need a toggle for everything

A consistent and pervasive theme I hear within this community is this idea that every single qualm, issue, problem, or nuisance you have should have a way to toggle off/on.

Don’t like health bars? Toggle.
Don’t like Blood? Toggle.
Don’t like armor customization? Toggle
Toggle toggle toggle toggle toggle

Guys, toggles are meant for small and annoying issues, things like what we’ve already seen in Infinite like the wind line option, that is something that is ok to have a toggle for.

Toggles are not meant to circumvent basic and core aspects of a game’s design philosophy. Asking for things like a toggle for sprint or customization may sound ok on paper but it interferes with core design and not only are 343i extremely unlikely to pursue it, but even if they did it would hurt the game long term.


Don’t like health bars? Toggle.
Don’t like Blood? Toggle.

those are both valid and are features in a lot of games. cheesy video game health bars that constantly remind you of your opponent’s artificiality takes away from immersion and narrative weight.

though I think the vast majority agree that toggles to hide people’s armor is silly. It was only done in MCC to preserve the legacy and artstyle of decade old games.


This is both true and not true.

Toggles do not take away from the product unless it takes away from Development time.

However there SHOULD be a toggle for blood and Health Bars. Some people really do not want or like Health Bars, and some people may not want to see blood, or don’t want their children to see blood.


Yes but why did they add in health bars in the first place?

What was the point of the blood then?

My point is that things are designed for a specific purpose, and such, a toggle basically ruins this purpose and could have a negative impact on the gameplay. Health Bars are necessary because bosses are going to have huge health pools, blood is (ok Infinite doesn’t really have blood but bare with me) important because it is used for things like conveying battles or horror and such.


It comes from an age where on the internet we can tailor our experiences to be exactly what we want them to be, muting all the parts we don’t like instead of being forced to confront them.

This is good sometimes, but bad other times.

This is one of those times where it’s bad.


This is caused by 343 changing things that didn’t need to be changed. Most of these are not game changing elements (especially boss HP, which is a campaign thing so turning off the health bar isn’t a balance issue).

Toggles are seen as a middle ground where the developer won’t budge on the design decision itself, allowing the player to still get what they want.

Same with the increased demand for hud customization. This wasn’t really an issue till 343 decided to cram all the icons in the ocrner. inducing eye strain.


All I say is give us the option otherwise put them all under something like an advanced mode or Mature mode.


So you can see how much health a boss has. Duh.

You don’t need to see a health bar to know when an enemy gets hurt unless the game has godawful visual and audio feedback.

I don’t like healthbars and I hope enemies are bullet sponges otherwise 343 have failed to make engaging boss battles.

Furthermore, Halo has had bosses without healthbars. This is just wanting to be as immersed as possible…


Yes please.

When it comes to options, the more, the merrier. For things that don’t actually affect how the game plays, I see toggles as perfectly reasonable. I don’t see how one could toggle sprint on or off without changing the gameplay, nor do I think that’s the same thing or comparable to asking for the option to disable customizations.


Being able to disable customization completely derails/reduces the F2P model for Infinite, arguably more important than Sprint which is arguably useless and could be accomplished by a small increase in strafe speed.

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I don’t agree that it completely derails anything, unless customizations were off by default, and they wouldn’t be. And I was talking about sprint somehow having a toggle, not removing it for everyone.

Being able to turn customizations off would make a certain percentage of players, including me, happy. And, it seems, there are some who would be upset by there being such a toggle. Hmm… Maybe… there should be a toggle for whether or not there’s a toggle to turn on or off customization. Yeah.


Oh really? How much is that worth? Can I pay off a bill with happiness? Maybe settle some debt?

seriously though, it is far more impactful then you let on. Microtransactions are basically the only way a F2P game survives, otherwise they’ll just lose tons of money. Sprint by comparisons isn’t anywhere near as relevant to the actual design of the game.

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That’s pretty cynical. But if you’re arguing that 343 is more concerned with money than with players’ happiness, I’d be naïve to disagree.

Microtransactions are more relevant than things that affect actual gameplay? And again, my statement about sprint was simply making the point that including a toggle that changes how the gameplay works is different from including a toggle that merely changes a superficial visual element.

They wouldn’t be losing tons of money from giving individual players the option to personally disable the viewing of others’ cosmetics, especially if those players might simply not play the game at all otherwise. They’d be losing out on tons of potential money only if they removed cosmetics for everyone.


This isn’t 2007 my guy, I could try explaining this more but if you seriously believe 343i/MS don’t care about microtransactions then you are far far behind the times.

I’m not saying this to be “cynical”, I’m saying this for your benefit. How do you think Fortnite/Apex/Warfare actually make money? Happiness? Kind of a wake up call that the industry has changed tons of recent years.

I certainly never said that. If anything, I’m pessimistically convinced 343 will be more concerned with churning out more cosmetics than adding things that actually make the game better.

Note that I’m aware that the chances of the toggle I want being added are very small. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want it. And I also don’t think the financial impact from having such a toggle would be the same as or even remotely comparable to not having microtransactions in the first place.


I find your naivity precious.

343i will not add a toggle option, 343i would rather remove sprint, clamber, slide, remake every map from Halo 3, bring back duel-wielding, etc. then do that because it essentially just hurts them financially.

You are just proving my point. Every decision 343i have made is for a purpose (or at least most), including a toggle for every single minor gripe or inconvenience you experience not only conflicts with their design choices, but it takes lots of time to just add that in in the first place. Have you ever heard people argue that different difficulties are bad for games? Yes. Even something like that can have a negative impact on the game, not to say they should remove it, but I think I’ve made my point.

I kind of feel like you aren’t really reading my posts. I already said that I knew how unlikely it was. Yes, I still want it. It’s okay to want things you know probably aren’t going to happen. Or did you want me to decide I didn’t want that after all?

This is pretty off-topic, but difficulty levels are a perfect example of how giving players options can make the game more enjoyable for everyone. I fail to see how there could be a downside to difficulty levels.

Why be condescending? It doesn’t further your argument, whatever that is at this point, and isn’t really a good look.

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Serious question, when did y’all become so weird when it comes to video games?

My dude, it’s a damn video game. How does what you’re arguing make any sense? You’re complaining about constantly being reminded that you’re playing a video game, but uh, sorry to break it to you but you ARE playing a video game.

It’d be like saying, the Pause button for movies should be removed because when you pause a movie you’re taken out of the immersion and you’re instantly reminded that you’re just watching a movie. You see how that sounds idiotic and makes no sense, right?

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Honestly I say the only things that should have a toggle are health bars and blood. Health Bars should be able to be hidden, to make it feel more like the Tartarus fight in Halo 2, and Blood should be able to be disabled for people who have issues with blood in any format, be it irl or digital.

As for armor toggle, absolutely not, people need to learn how to suck it up, deal with some of the uglier or more outlandish armor. The argument of “Why should I be forced to look at armors I don’t like” is one I’ve seen used a few times, to which my counter argument is “Why should 343 go out of their way to add a toggle for Infinite that only the loud, whiny minority will end up using?”

My point being, people dealt with the ugly armors in every Halo game up to MCC, when did so many players get so soft? Like does it really break your immersion THAT much? If so, perhaps Halo just isn’t the game for you anymore, or just stick with the older Halos you DO enjoy.

EDIT: Sorry for the rant, this is just something I’m getting really tired of seeing, that being toggle options.

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I disagree personally; as someone with experience in both programming and the game design workflow, I can attest to how easy such toggles are to add, at least compared to other things the community asks for. If people want and like it, and it’s up to them to decide if its on or not, what’s the harm?

People should always ask for the customization options they want to see; more customization options make games better, without exception. The more you can customize it, the more you can make them game feel the way you want it to, which is the whole point. And toggles are one of the easiest ways to make that possible.

Also side note: many such toggles existed in Halo: CE so it’s not like this is a new thing.