Infinite customization coloring

Another post about customization coloring, just here to rant about what/how they COULD’VE done with infinite’s customization coloring instead of the garbage coating system they got now.
I still don’t believe that they needed to “rework and rebuild” the customization system for coatings… I still think it’s just so they can sell coatings in the shop.

they could’ve easily done it a certain way where no body would have a problem with it… such as the “forza horizon” style where you choose your base color and style of that base color and then be able to add “decals” or scuff marks, dirt or anything else of that sort… I already know it’s too late into development to change it and they’re deadset with how they’re doing things because they’re “happy” with it (basically happy they found a way to monetize halos customization for F2P scheme) just decided to voice this and hopefully give them an idea for halo down the line that’s if they’re still a competent company to hold the halo franchise.