Infinite 152 Reward Question

I know I’ve seen this asked before but there was no conclusive answer at the time so figured I’d ask again. The max rank in Halo 5 reward we are getting in Infinite will be there for people who got 152 in Halo 5 at launch, but will we still be able to earn the skin if we get max rank after Infinites launch? I’m currently halfway through 147 and I technically could get there before launch but it will take an absurd amount of grinding I think if I did the math right, so most likely I wouldn’t get there until after launch. Just wondering if anyone has heard any updates on this at all.

I am not sure and wouldl like to know as well. I am close too but don’t think I will get there in time.

The fact that it hasn’t been clarified makes me wonder if one of the other awards not mentioned is conditional on the timing? I think it has been confirmed there will be more 152 rewards than just Watchdog coatings I think. Either way I am going to get to 152 before Infinite just in case.