I’d simply like an explanation as to why this wasn’t in the game to begin with. Infection was the whole reason I used forge, and forge is my favorite aspect of halo. Without infection I’ve definitely lost interest in this game much faster than any previous Halo.

well i think they are releasing old match types in tiers, just like BTB was always a starting thing with halo and they waited a couple months before releasing it because they wanted people to experience warzone more.I think and i say think that they will slowely bring back old matchmakings with each major update. IE: dark and light- BTB cartographer- forge. whose knows whats next but im sure infection will come back.
What if they change it and call it mechanicize or something cause we havnt seen flood for a while so they make us be forunner solders without the teleporting skill they get. could be a cool idea.

It’s one of the great mysteries of 343.

Popular game types that are staples to the franchise like Oddball, Infection, King Of The Hill etc. yeah let’s just leave those out and hope they get excited when we release it as DLC later.

I wish people would stop posting the same topics over and over again.

I think last time I actually liked Halo Zombies was Foundation in H2 Customs or maybe the Chillout remake in H3 but with Magnum only for Spartans, no shields. It never really worked that well in Halo maps. It is also from my understanding that it will be added in the future, and I’ve already seen some interesting maps for it, so give it some time and for Forgers to make it work good.