Infection: What's good and what can be fixed

The Bad

  • Alpha Zombies: are generally at a severe disadvantage in the beginning of a match unless they know exactly where the spawns are and set up in hot spots before the humans get there. The “active camo” is almost redundant since the green smoke effect reveals the location of the Alpha. Alpha zombies also have the same stats as a normal zombie were was in previous games this was not the case. I"m assuming they added the camo as a balancing factor but it doesn’t help since you are still visible and appearing invisible on motion trackers seems redundant when everyone crouches anyways and survivors rarely check said sensors for that reason. - Humans: are not overpowered individually but once they hold a choke point it becomes ridiculous since the Zombies can hardly coordinate a push, sadly there is really not way to change this unless spots are removed all together which would ruin the maps. Last man standing should not have unlimited ammo as with certain weapons it is simply overpowered. Weapons like precision weapons which are a one hit head shot are some such weapons. - Weapons:The variety of weapons is too high especially with the ammo in some power weapons, although this is only a problem when the zombies are in small numbers or lack skill.The Good

  • Humans do not have too much ammo to start with so that really balances the playing field off the bat. - Zombies, in numbers, are still highly effective( for the most part). - True social playlist as not many players have any noticeable amount of skill so it’s generally a enjoyable experience.

The only thing we need added is an option to TURN OFF hijack for infected players and non-infected so we can make classic mini-games like speed halo and ice-cream man work well. Everything else is fine.

I agree, the pestilence effect on the alpha zombies makes the camo completely useless. The sniper rifle need to start off with less ammo too. Also, I could be the only one but I think the zombies need sprint. Walking and using the thrust is definitely not fast enough.