Infection (Topic type would be listed as IDK)

Infection is just -Yoinking!- awesome (no sarcasm)! It’s a definite improvement over the last infection mode…(Halo 4). To be honest it could have some improvements.

  • More starting ammo (Mainly for the shotty-like at least 1 extra clip of starting shells)(This one is more of a rant) Halo 4 infection really wasn’t all that good but it had its moments…the flood using armor abilities was a little over the top (It is lore friendly). But just green Spartan still with regular voices and such…that could use more work. (If you haven’t pieced together what im getting at your more clueless than Trump and his presidency plan ZING!) What im saying is (Walls) the flood model can use some work…i would rather have it like the Halo 4 model.

  • It wouldn’t have the same abilities as the halo 4 variant just the same character model.2. Replace the Hydra with something more useful (It’s pretty useless in infection mode to be honest)

  1. Maybe have the flood have at least a half shield? IDK
  2. Also the mode is also a little glitchy…hence my friend spawning in with the flood sword despite he’s a survivor.
    Beyond that everything else is amazing.

Hey 343…keep up the awesome work


It is okay but still not like original which I loved

I agree the shotgun ammo is very limited.

Wow…did no one get my joke?