Infection map ideas

Here’s some map that’s already existing I think should be made and added to infection and maybe other arena maps:
Beaver creek (a edited version, to look more horrifying and dark).
ONI sword base from Reach.
Countdown from Reach.

And here are some map I think should be made that’s not already made but I think would fit extremely good for Halo 5:
The room on the campaign mission The Maw in Halo CE where you have to destroy these 4 cores.
Maybe some rooms and areas from the place where you encounter The Flood for first time in all of the Halos, 343 Guilty Spark from Halo CE.
A map on one of those two bridges in the
mission Two Betrayals in Halo CE, and now that we have the Spartan abilities we could jump back and forward to what bridge we want to stay on, and the spooky dark feeling with the snow and dark skies it would be amazing.
I think the Halo CE fans like me would love this idea.

I would love for there to be a halo 2 containment wall infection map.
Halo 2 high charity map
Halo 3 Cortina map
Or ce 343 guilty spark swamp map/first see the flood inside infection map.