infection map fail

i made this map on Forge for an Infection game. i finished the map but now i cannot play in it for this game type. i put the correct spawn and respawn points for the infection game but i still cannot play. did i do something wrong or did i not put enough stuff in the map? please help. i cannot upload my map on xbox live(do to some restrictions >.> )so if you want to look at it i have to invite you.

i would have thought it would work with any game type. If i was you i would take a look at your game type and your map better yet try youtube :slight_smile: peace

Make the forge gametype infection

Set down an objective marker

Go to advanced options and label it inf_haven

Enjoy your map

thank you guys so much for your input and help :slight_smile: i will try both these out today.

thank you so much for the info SpiniestChain50. it worked out perfect :slight_smile: