Ok i have classic h3 maps like duck, fat kid, etc… also h2a maps. Cops n robbers, teachers, monster trucks, regualr infection, anything but i have 3 others ready to play infection. Add me and message my GT: ROGUE SNIPER 10 if interested in playing. I love halo and infection so im always on. DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR PLAYERS! INFECTION LOBBY. I also have these maps on my file share. If they’re not there message and I’ll put them there

Hey if you see this before I get on today add me my gt is my name on here. I would love to play since I think the infection types you listed are the best ones. I love all of thoughs and I also have other people of whom we could get to join us

I’ve been looking for someone who has the classic H3 maps and gametypes. Hit me up on XBL or this site please!