Infection in Halo Infinite?

Will Infection ever come to Halo Infinite?

343 may have had a bit of a whoopsie when designing Halo 5, but it had arguably one of the best Infection game type in all Halo games as it had the perfect balance of fun and casual gameplay, and the weapons and armour abilities felt like they belonged in the game.

My question simply is if it will return.

I loved the fact that Infection wasn’t just limited to the usual “zombies” game mode like we had in in 3-4. It would be great to see game modes like Contingency or Alpha Zombies return for Halo Infinite.

I feel that it won’t be coming back as the classic shotgun has been replaced with the new (yet fun) Bulldog. And the weapon sandbox would need tweaking for zombies to work.

Furthermore, if Infection did come to Halo Infinite, what would it be like??
I mean, if the zombies had nothing but health and no shields against a long-range, nearly automatic shotgun, I feel the game would lose the fun.

Lastly, I was wondering If the Infection game type did come out, would it intergrate other vehicle, weapons and power ups, or would it be classic Alpha Zombies??

What are the communities thoughts in this??

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Infection is coming back, just don’t know when yet. Not sure if it will be a classic mode of it or if it will be changed slightly.
Extraction coming too, which I believe is some kind of flood spore rather than like it was