Infection gametype: Friend or Foe?

So heres how it works:

First of all, don’t imagine it as zombies. Think of it more like the old boardgame “Clue”. Who is the murderer? who can I trust?

With a normal ranged weapon, the reticle will turn red from a long distance away.

But with a weapon like the energy sword. You have to get rather close before it turns red. (lunging distance)

So, everyone only has energy swords. Not a single ranged weapon in the game.

Everyone also will have a forced color appearance to the same color. So you can’t tell what team anyone is on.

To make it even more difficult to tell anyone apart. All players would set their armor and prefered species to the elite minor. That way its quick and easy for players to switch back to their favoirite armor set after the game.

of course no radar, and no waypoints for anyone, even teammates.

No sheilds for both teams.

optional settings: No weapon pickups. No unlimited Ammo. Melee damage 300%.

This way the energy swords run out of ammo, and you just have a fist. (because it looks cool) but it still kills in one hit.

Almost kinda reminds me of Assassin’s Creed in a way. Seems interesting, but I might have to play it before I could offer any real opinion!

Sounds like a sword spree to me.