Infection feedback

With the long awaited release of infection on the mcc, its not without its share of needed fixes. This post hopes to examine and note updates, changes, and additions.

Ill start…

Stonetone needs kill boundries or removal.
Flood needs 3 flood start.
There should be only one choice for each game. (2) (3) (4).
Hide and go seek be removed.
Anniversary time limit lowered to 3 or 4 minutes.

Given these are suggestions so we as a whole can thrive. Your incite is appreciated!

why did the other one with good comments get locked and not this one? hmm…

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> 2533274819303871;2:
> why did the other one with good comments get locked and not this one? hmm…

I was just wondering this. Although I do not disagree with the decision of multiple threads being locked. A rational person would lock the one that is less important to the community.
There is obvious power tripping going on in the ranks of the mods here. The other thread will be unlocked and this one locked or I will personally be in contact with 343.
Also voice your opinion. The master chief collection forum (by the same title) had a very plentiful insight on infection. Check it out. I created these multiple threads to prove the strategy and irrational descisions made by mods with grudges against me.
Ban warnings for non constructive posts with no explanation. If you do not think like them, you are wrong, is the message here.