Infection Community MMR (Match Making Rank)

Hi guys, iiPooPooFaceii here, and today I want to talk about the most recent problem in the infection community: MMR otherwise known as MatchMakingRank. A lot of us Infection players can barely find matches and when we do we play exactly the same people and they are all sweats. Mostly happens to SR (Spartan Rank) 120 and above. I don’t know exactly if this happens in all game modes or specific ones. Anyway, 343 if you read this post we would really appreciate it if you fix the MMR problem and bring back Alpha Zombies as a permanent game mode. The infection community is dying and all we want is to fix the MMR problem so we can play against random people almost everytime no matter what spartan rank we are and bring back Alpha zombies as a permanent game mode. We know you won’t let us down 343 so go fix this problem. This is iiPooPooFaceii with the fastest infection round world record. I will see you guys later. Peace.

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