Infection Classic, new Gamemode or Gametype?

Since 343 Industries has given us medium sized maps with lots of rooms, that makes it look relatively small (compared to Halo Reach’s maps), I’d suggest to bring back the old classic gametypes from Halo Reach along with new forged maps too! The Infected simply don’t need the overpowered Thrusterpack that makes them thrust over to the other side of the map in an instance and they certainly don’t need the shield that has been given to them in H4… I mean sure, the range of The Flood’s close quarters has been increased, and I’d for the record say that I don’t have any issues with it, which is why I’d leave it as it is…

My suggestions:

*Add a few more maps with a bit more space for the Infection Gametypes (most likely to be forged maps). Perhaps a remake of one of the old classic Halo Reach Maps, such as The Cage?

*Either make a new Gamemode called Infection Classic, where there are 2 gametypes, one with Armor Ability, and one without. Or add 2 new Gametypes to the Flood Mode. The close quarters range should remain the same. The jump range of Thrusterpack should be deacreased to Halo Reach’s evade jump range in the view of how far they could get with it, especially with their increased speed, which makes it even more impossible to survive them if they happen to be good players… The shields should be the same as Halo Reach’s Infections: dead after 1 Magnum headshot.

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I would really like to see the return of the 1sk headshot pistol.