Infection bans

Well for 15th million time I’ve been placed on a cool down in arena. Why? Because at the end of the infection match or in the middle of the game I get dissconnected. If it happens at the end, I’ll still get my req points and all that, but I still get banned. I love playing infection yet I can only play for 3 rounds before the ban hammer unfairly strikes. I’m curios as to if other people have this problem, I’ll play the match all the way through, yet I still get banned for disconnecting. This isn’t my internet either. It could be my internet ( that for some reason messes up ONLY on INFECTION ) or it’s something on 343’s side.

post ban related topics in the ban thread please
also your DC/ban you get once the game finishes will be answered in there. you dont get banned for finishing a game

Hi I’m The ban thread please feed me.