Infection and BTB playlists are incorrect

Gametypes that were said to have been added or removed in (at this point, ancient) updates aren’t there or are still there. Specifically, Braaaains on Avalanche and BR start Assault in Big Team.

I don’t know if 343 addresses any issue with MCC at all since Halo 5 came out, on this forum or elsewhere, but as usual, step it up 343. You forced us to need you and now you’ve deserted us.

Infection proof:
Braaains on Avalanche, Standoff, Rat’s Nest and Valhalla are all there, and need to be removed, in favor of the designated large map gametype, Speed Demons.
Also I’m not a huge fan of the Hide and Seek gametype on any map.

BTB proof:
Multi Bomb BRs doesn’t show up for any Halo 3 map in the Big Team Battle playlist.
Neither does Last Resort 1 Bomb

The MCC really is the redheaded stepchild of 343. I think they pay more attention to Spartan Strike than the Master Chief Collection. Truly is a shame.