Infectacular - Submission Thread

Ok, so I’ve been working on this Infectacular thing. It’s basically like skilltacular, but for infection. I had some people show up in my previous thread, but I’m not sure if I made it quite clear what I was doing.

But anyways, please submit your clips here!

__REQ__uirements (so cheezy, I know)

  • Videos longer than 1 minute will be shortened. I’ll try to fit in as much action as I can, and you are free to submit anything over 1 min, but IT WILL be shortened. - Videos must show you doing something very good, or they need to be something funny/awkwardly coincidental. - Must have annoying theatre stuff removed (It must look like you are playing, not with those theatre color outlines, etc.) - Must be after or on the Haloween update (Nothing on old maps or old versions of maps)That’s it! Looking forward to seeing your moments!

(In case your wondering, I have 5-6 people already going to be featured in the film. There is still a bit of room.

You don’t need a second thread for this.