Indoctrination why?

niw this is an oldy but is there any statement as to why 343 introduced the SPARTAN-II’s as to having been indoctrinated?. I mean it was stated back in Halo4 but haven’t seen or read anything as to why 343 made this so. back in The Fall Of Reach Halsey stated that she didn’t use indoctrination as it could hamper the Spartans critical thinking abilities and yet in Halo4 it’s stated as well as shown the Spartans being indoctrinated. Was any reason actually given for this change?

There’s no Hate here just a simple question though I must say of all the things 343 can go against I don’t see why they choose this it seems to tie in absolutely nowhere in the story etc so as far as I can tell 343 May as well have just left it out.

Halsey didn’t lie to the children about why they were to be Spartans, but you’d need to drill into their heads the rhetoric to obey the UNSC and not turn on them. Indoctrination was going to happen.

OP I don’t know where you’ve heard this but I suggest reporting to the your nearest ONI facility so we can, uh, sort things out.


All soldiers are indoctrinated. Heck, most people are in one way or another.
“the act of indoctrinating, or teaching or inculcating a doctrine, principle, or ideology, especially one with a specific point of view”

Wanna know something fun? Not only are all soldiers indoctrinated, they are also conditioned. I’ll always remember when i was being mustered out at the end my service period with a bunch of others, all in our civvies and horsing around in an auditorium when a sharp “ATTENTION” broke over the din. Everyone shut up and stood instantly ramrod straight at attention.

So yeah, some things sound more sinister than what they really are :slight_smile:

Umm… What? Please Google “indoctrination”.

343 didn’t actually have any say in this. They didn’t exist as a company. The origin of the S-IIs was entirely in the hands of Bungie and Eric Nylund (all hail all hail)