Individual Weapon Customisation and Player Finder

I think a really cool feature would be to be able to make changes to certain weapons only. Maybe make it so you could change damage output, auto-aim, fire rate, ammo capacity etc etc for each weapon. Unless I’m out the loop as far as I know every weapon is affected by the settings.

By doing this for individual weapons and player movement, you could essentially allow every Halo to be recreated as a custom gametype. I don’t know why but I keep looking at games like Mario Maker and hoping the community can be as active and inventive in keeping the game fresh and exciting. I guess it’s about the ease of sharing and finding these great creations. I’d love to see a resurge of Halo forge puzzle maps, jump maps and crazy community gametypes.

I’ve thought about this because the MCC is revolutionary and I’m really gonna miss having such a large variety of play styles from all the different Halo games rolled into one. It’s a load of fun.

I’d also love to see some way of finding similar players in your region to team up with, whether that be a custom games browser or what. I want to find people playing in my region, at similar times who enjoy similar gametypes. By making it easier to find like minded people, I’m sure it would boost the standing population.

I hope this game has a strong social presence.

See I want something like this in forge when when you spawn a weapon you can completely change its properties like rate of fire. Damage per shot to shield/health. The projectile itself could be changed from bullets to wraith shots and you can change the size of them.

Imagine that custom infection game mode where survivors were on mongooses and the infected to snipe/rocket them off the track. Now imagine the sniper fires a tank round… That’s really annoyingly slow but so -Yoink!- rewarding if you hit someone.
Imagine if you could add or remove tracking properties to projectiles and modify the timers for them.
Imagine if you could turn on a condition that adds a second property to how a weapon functions. For example. Remove the charge of the plasma caster, change its rounds into wraith ones but shrink them and boom custom concussion rifle

You know what? I wouldn’t be 100% opposed to stuff like that. I really enjoy games that have weapon customization, but only if they keep it segregated to single-player only or maybe even custom games.

For custom games only, yes. MP, definitely not.

I’ve wanted this for a long time. Not only would it be good for some goofy modes, it would effectively allow the community to help 343i in any balancing needed. You know how they ruined the H5 BR? Maybe if everyone could test different settings, especially pros, that would’ve never happened.