Individual option for traditional Red vs. Blue Team Coloring

It’s cool that they are allowing for personal customization to appear in the games by showing individual color palettes, but I would like the option to revert enemy armor colors to red and my team’s armor to blue like in the previous Halos. I understand they brought in the Outline system to try to blend both worlds, but I find myself struggling to see enemies clearly from time to time, even with the shading outline. Dying because of a slight hesitation to realize its an enemy is frustrating. It would be a lot easier if I could decide to remove the individual colors appearing all together.


I would like this too. I seem to be running into the same problem of occasionally hesitating and then realizing too late it’s an enemy. Sadly I doubt we see them do this cuz they gotta make that $$$ and someone might not buy a skin if everyone can’t see it.


Yup! There are several similar threads on this exact issue, just that slight hesitation while you figure out friend or foe is not good… it is almost becoming a dealbreaker for me, on top of everything else, as this is not fun and I may just bypass MP and stick with campaign…. I changed my foe color to yellow to make it easier, it helps a bit but I just played a game where a teammate had a yellowish skin and my first gut reaction was foe and I shot him but then the friend Color showed up… not good…

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Yeah this should be an accessibility feature for sure.

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I’ve shot red players on my team a couple times without thinking(cause in previous games RvB teams its automatic for me). I could care less about seeing other peoples coatings cause 80% of them are all the same anyway.


I just want RvB. No option, just RvB.


I completely agree. Another easy toggle option that could be implemented quickly.

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Remove enemy outlines from the game, make the nametags above friendlies a bit larger and easier to read, provide an option to have teammates outlined (not mandatory). Problem SOLVED.


Yes, absolutely. I quite literally could not care less about seeing the coatings that other players are using, and I quite literally could not care less about other players seeing the coating that I am using. To me Halo’s multiplayer has always been, and should always be, a bunch of red guys and a bunch of blue guys fighting over a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.

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$4$ will never change this… money is way more important than a 20 years grown community.

Providing an individual option for classic RvB seems like a good way to respect Halo’s MP history. I personally prefer the new outline system, though, so I’d stick with that even if RvB were an option.

Not problem solved tho, as they don’t have the big red X above dead teammates. It’s a tiny ‘team color’ X. Lol.

I’m certain the vast majority of people would. Red versus blue wasn’t removed because the players prefer a coating system…

Neither was it removed for accessibility.

For colourblind people, RvB was always the best way to go. Removing full RvB to replace with outline colours has only ever made Spartans more difficult to see for everyone, and let’s be honest, whoever made that decision was fully aware.

Anyone who thinks full RvB was somehow more difficult for colourblind people than outlines clearly don’t know any colourblind people. There are three types of colourblind: Red-green, blue-yellow and monochromatic.
People who are red-green colourblind see the traditional RvB colours as gold versus blue.
People who are blue-yellow colourblind see the traditional RvB colours as red versus cyan.
People who are monochromatic colourblind don’t see any colours no matter what (full colours, outlines or otherwise.

The change from RvB to outlines has never had anything to do with accessibility, and the people who removed it have no intention of making Infinite more accessible. Hopefully, the members at 343i who were opposed to the removal of RvB have a voice and are being heard.


Lol I feel like that’s basically included in making the team name a little larger and easier to read XD

Yes and no. I like my free-for-all just as much (if not more) than my team games. I love my free-for-all Slayer. I love my free-for-all Objective games. I love my Infection… Invasion in Reach was great. Firefight is usually fun. I miss Juggernaut and Stalker (Ninjanaut) more than words can say. These modes were always available to show off one’s individualised Spartan. People playing team games went in knowing they’d be given the video game equivalent of a team jersey rather than the clothing they bought a sports shop. Red versus blue for general team gametypes and Spartan colours for every other gametype has always worked, just as the equivalent in real life is accepted. RvB isn’t all Halo is, but when it’s practical, it’s the best way to go.