Individual items just added

you could have both systems in co-existance, a catalogue for individual purchases & bundles that are cheaper than a combined individual purchase.

only things that fall flat in this ecosystem would be the coatings and visors.

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I think the store should, and given time probably will, be changed. It wasn’t meant to sell many single items at once but was meant to sell a few bundles at once. People needed for redesigning it are currently occupied elsewhere as there are more dire problems at hand with the game, so patience is required for this to happen.

I believe the simplest solution would be to sell single items ‘catalogue’ style directly inside the customization menu at the constant price (what price it should be is a completely separate issue). While the store page itself could feature seasonal, event-related, or just bundled up items in bundles - which on one hand would allow people to buy bundles of discounted goods, while also allowing them to sell holiday, event, or otherwise time-limited and exclusive bundles, which could not be available all-year-round.

As for the items currently in stock at the store - I think that the pricing of the bundles with animations is reasonable for me, as I know that animation, especially animation bundle, takes longer to make than just a skin, tag or small item model. Actually I’ve bought one of those packs.
On the other hand price for a single helmet model or a single visor may be a bit too steep. Maybe if it was something I really liked (like the Anubis which fitted my idea of what my own armor should look like) I would buy it, but I certainly won’t buy it now to have a ‘spare one’ in case I change my mind about my armor, or just to ‘collect’ it. Not at this price. It is however a new item model, even if it’s small and similar to others available.
The visor on the other hand, even in a bundle with the color pack for the armor is priced too steeply - it’s just a color pack. It isn’t time-consuming to make, and thus it shouldn’t be too pricy. I’d buy one only if I really needed it to complete my look.

Consider that my own point of view, - from a person who works his day-job earning quite well, so I can shell out quite a bit on my own entertainment if I wish so.

I think this is leading ot an eventual overhaul of the store as currently it is restrictive adn these test might be 343 testing poetical permeant changes for a overhauled store down the line one that has both bundles and individual pieces to buy

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The way the entire store is laid out just tells you they want to induce FOMO.
“Oh, you need to get this “bundle” before the week is over or you might not be able to get it again!”
Instead of having a rotating store, everything from the season should be available always, with bundles (extra discounted from normal bundles) rotating with event content coming in in a separate section for a limited time

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The lack of resources put into some of these “key” features of the game just make you scratch your head and wonder “what was even their focus when designing these elements?” They and many seem to care greatly about the Shop and there’s lot of attention to it, so why not actually put a team on figuring out the best way to satisfy their consumer-base. They must of had 1 person on the project, and leadership asked “is it functional”, “yes”, “ok we are go for release!” :rofl:


I wasn’t expecting this to be the way they tackled individual items. I thought they would have bundles still, but allow you to purchase individual items from them. This is just wacky and makes the items seem way too overpriced. I hope for improvement.


When they add a black visor at a reasonable price (1 to 3 $) for the Mark V EVA helmet, i will buy something from the store for the first time.

Maybe they should stop paying people to help them manipulate others. It’s a terrible look when people know you’re trying to manipulate them. It’s so terrible when people think you’re trying to scam them. I know the game has other issues, but this store is hurting their reputation.

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I wonder if you could report 343 to trading standards.

Honestly I’m just waiting to see what the bundle costs at this point.

That is exactly the problem I see with Halo in the long-term run. Halo wont be Microsofts flagship anymore if it declines too heavily in its reputation and COD, espacially Warzone, become more and more popular in comparison to Halo (Reminder: Microsoft bought Activision/Blizzard).

What happens then? EA is so pi**ed of Dice because of the disaster of Battlefield 2042, that they gave the rights to develop the next Star Wars FPS to Respawn. In Halos case, 343i could lose the rights about Halo (maybe to an completely “Halo-unexperienced” team) or it never will get such a high budget anymore.

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Still remains a Microsoft IP though. But in the case of 343i it would most likely go through a restructure, a name change, and/or a logo change before the IP got passed on to a different company. Maybe a lower budget and a step back would be a good thing.

Lucasarts was underdelivering in the case of Star Wars titles, its in house development and publications were pathetic. Disney understandably canned the studio and passed the IP off to EA who fumbled the IP dramatically causing international outrage and single handedly put loot boxes on the international limelight. Respawn however made a fantastic game that bucked their pedigree as an FPS studio and impressed Disney enough to contract them for further development despite EA’s loss of a contract.

IP’s change hands, that’s not a bad thing overall.


I miss the 343 that gave us Halo 4.