Individual items just added

I usually find myself on the side of “nobody is forcing you to spend money” or “if you don’t find value in the items, don’t buy it”. But I gotta admit, almost half the price of various bundles both new and old for a single item is a bit wacky so I’m chiming in.

Personally, I kind of anticipated the individual items to reflect the first iteration of bundle pricings in relation to (buying all individual items in full would translate to previous full price bundles, whereas as bundles are essentially half off). This was my thought of course so I fully understand and I take responsibility for it, but it tends to makes sense with other adopters of trends like this.

It muddies the waters and really just adds discrepancies with gauging value of the individual components. On top of that (unless I missed it) it seems like only individual items occupy the storefront today, meaning even if players wanted the option to purchase a bundle for a comparatively cheaper price they can’t access it (unless I’m wrong, then please correct me). To be fair as well, the storefront looks rather boring with the individual pieces on display like it is.

A good current fix would be offer the bundles as it was, but allow players to purchase the piece from within the bundle when examining it.

It’s definitely a weird system and gauge of prices. I still stand by my stances, but man this is getting difficult to rationalize.


I have been getting a gut feeling that Infinite’s store isn’t properly designed pricing wise due to the stock prices for varying packs, it was not consistent.

even though ive uninstalled the game I am pretty shocked that they though 700 credits was “good enough” for one Helmet, but I suspect it leans further into the fact the storefront just doesn’t feel properly designed when it comes to values as you say.


I’m glad to see you acknowledging some of the complaints of us on “the other side” of the argument.

I get that this game is free, even if I don’t like it, and therefore the store is how it makes money. But the storefront’s layout and pricing really need some work, and the individual item pricing is pretty off this week.


How many helmets and visors can I wear at one time? I have the Mia visor, what do I need another one for

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It doesn’t seem well designed at all. Not just from a pricing perspective. Like, why are there only four items in the store? Can the UI not handle more? If so, probably not a very well designed UI. I don’t know who thought four items was a good idea.


…What you even trying to argue?

Only one, this tends to be my argument when it comes to something like this. But I’m not highlighting the accessibility of the full armor suite, just the price discrepancy between individual items vs bundles as we now know it.

Personally I’m a player who likes a look and sticks with it. I have no issue maintaining the same day 1 aesthetics if I really like it. I lock my MCC/5 looks in between games, and seldom go back to change them, same with my Infinite. When CQC and Base Security get added to the MKV B core my look will be complete and I’ll be content.

So from a “one look” player to another, this isn’t about item accessibility. I’m not arguing about the player’s ability to acquire everything, I’m simply pointing out the weird pricing between the 3 prices we know of.

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a Rotating showcase at best, while the HCS packs get their own catalogue to choose thematic gear from.

700 credits for a helmet though…in the UK thats gonna be 10 pounds of money spent to acquire enough credits just to buy it in a. worse case scenario, same as the damn BP in worth.

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and since you can only get 500 or 1,000 credits, no in-between…its pretty skewed.


It’s an industry design that a ton of Devs use, for the explicit purpose of making money.

Chintzy yes, but it’s not the worst aspect by far. More so focusing on the sale discrepancies between 1st Gen prices, 2nd Gen prices and now individual items.

The trend is definitely bucked, and the prices actually don’t make sense.

I was agreeing and piggybacking on your point. Essentially I think they could be more creative with the store. They don’t pay me enough for my ideas though :slight_smile:

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Thats the thing, it doesn’t feel like they bothered to check what’s going in, least in terms of value for an item that is being sold, Infinite already has problems with value in the bundles at times. this just makes it look worse, especially when compared to other things in value.

its just…baffling. and im not a fan of this system overall, but even ive gotta say that im thinking “this store wasn’t properly done, was it.”


Seven dollars for a single helmet. If this were an armor bundle with price reduction to, say, 1200 credits, then we’re being charged more than half for the helmet.

Daily bundles haven’t seen a price reduction (I saw two weapon coatings and a stance for 7 bucks the other day).

Yeah no. Our feedback isn’t being heard. As much as I despise microtransactions, I’d be willing to pay for everything I wanted if Halo Infinite had a permanent suite of individual items at reasonable prices to purchase at any time like in Rainbow 6 Siege. Bundles are still overpriced, individual items are overpriced and daily bundles haven’t had a price reduction. 343 has to do better if they want to earn the sympathy (and money) of the average joe that can’t afford to whale for every single cosmetic.

I’m halfway between playing devil’s advocate and asking “What are you doing dude”?

Devil’s advocate:

I do believe that 343 is listening to feedback. It’s clear from both public remarks and in-game changes that player feedback is being recognized and acted upon. It might not be in the form we want, but change is being made based on player commentary.

What are you doing dude”:

Are 343’s hands tied price wise? Do you not know how to properly incentivize players to purchase items by skirting the line between “whales” (I hate the term, but I use it here as a known term) and average player interest? Weekly rotational sales giving patient players a chance to pick something up at a discount for waiting? Allowing players to pick out proportionally priced items a-la-cart from within bundles allowing the Devs to maximize limited storefront space? Giving the players some in depth sense of perceived value for the item rarity?

It’s clear feedback is being taken, but it can be taken into account much more practically. It feels rather hamfisted when there could be so much more nuance to the approach.


I think the limited store space is almost a bigger deal than the price. Imagine going to target and seeing which Four movies you could buy that week? Doesn’t sound good if you want to buy movies does it? Want a new TV, sorry, your model wasn’t one of the four weekly models we chose, try again next week for a chance at it being available.


It also feels like they aren’t taking reference from other games that use similar systems.

which if I recall is what led to the crippling of Anthem, a game that did not want to acknowledge its comparisons to Destiny, though that was a mechanical issue, rather than a store front.


It might be, that 343i underestimated the negative effects of their fomo practices. Even if the UI is a tool from Satan himself, they should be able to offer more products. The store is not a “running game”, it is just a static…

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From my perspective, it would make sense to release new items as part of a bundle, with the bundle being maybe half the price of all items individually. The bundle is available for a week. Once the week is up, those items are for sale at their á la carte price in either a catalog in the store or directly within the customization menus. Items can make a return to a curated bundle periodically. Perhaps the older the items in the bundle, the more discounted the price.


the Fomo would be avoidable if it were more akin to a catalogue system, rather than a rotating sales pitch.


Maybe they are afraid of the backlash, when they change their rotating system into a catalogue, because many leftover players could feel betrayed.

Or they believe, that if they completely redesign their shop, that it would show how drastically the playerbase already decreased.

It is all just speculation. But I get more and more the feeling, that 400 million dollars of the production costs were put into psychologist “experts” instead into the game and thats why they do not want to change anything in a proper way… [/s]