Individual Halo 4 Soundtrack Reviews!

All right people, it’s time for another fun forum game!

Here we are all going to give individual comprehensive reviews of the tracks we enjoyed from Halo 4.

I’ll go first by with the two tracks I enjoyed.

117 - I felt this particular piece to be inspiring, almost a perfect anthem for John. I could feel the weariness and distaste for war yet the constant call for a hero, the responsibility to protect and safeguard humanity that defined John’s life within the first few lines as the brass instruments played. As it built up I began to feel almost nostalgic as the pace of the music began to quicken. Eventually building up to a return of the “Halo 3” theme showing the Chief’s willingness to fight on!

All in all I feel that this piece will be looked back upon with praise and tears of nostalgia as “The Master Chief’s Theme”

Green and Blue - I often feel that I will be brought to tears (and as a man I do not say this lightly) by this piece, those who have completed the campaign will immediately know why. This piece while starting off with a futuristic almost alien tone of echoing beeps and blips turns into something that touches the heart once the piano and the strings begin to play.

Only two words come to mind when I hear this piece, Heartbreak and Tragedy. Which is almost certainly what Neil Davidge must have intended when writing this piece.

Once more I am confident that this piece will become as memorable as “Never Forget” from the earlier Halo Trilogy, as this new Reclaimer Trilogy progresses.

Hope you enjoy reading these and I cannot wait to read yours!

So please add your thoughts and feelings below on the tracks you enjoyed!!!

Don’t be shy folks add your thoughts and feelings to the music!