Individual Game Mode Specific Queues

Yikes, that hoenstly makes me want to play less, between feeling like I’m being forced to miss out of 10 of the rewards from the fracture event, didn’t play the first week it was live, plus knowing I could be forced to play game modes I’m not in the mood for with that already happening. I’m at level 18 only recently been on and playing daily for the event, with finding out I can’t work on the event till it goes live again plus only being able to get to track 20 on it because I didn’t start till the second week is disheartening.

I’m not sure how many more weeks will be left in the event to be honest but they say there should be enough time for you to get everything, so hopefully there’s extra weeks planned thst just don’t show in the game yet. If you’re level 18 now then you will have plenty of time to do the pass before it ends in May and it could possibly take you up until then so it is fine for you I would say, however for those who have already completed it or nearly have like myself there is literally no end game after than and no rewards besides the weekly challenge reward. You don’t even get rewarded any extra XP Boosts or Challenge Swaps once the Battle Pass is finished too, meaning if you run out you can’t swap a challenge for the rest of the entire season and the only way to get them is to buy them from the store.
I understand it is only season 1 so 343 maybe expected this Battle Pass to last the entire way through and they may make changes for season 2 then, but having the store be the only way to gain swaps and boosts outside the Battle pass is ridiculous. They should maybe just attach the occasional swap or XP Boost to some random challenges so you at least unlock one or something, or even include some of each as rewards on the weekly challenge as well as whatever that reward is. That way people can try and build up swaps then when they have finished the Battle Pass and then when seasons 2 starts they have swaps and XP Boosts they can use then at the start of season 2 onwards.

Multi game mode select system like Titan fall just makes more sense if the goal is to keep the Playlist smaller.

Each lobby checks off all the game types they would like or are at least willingly to play.
Game searches by connection and skill level and then chooses game type and map based around the things the different lobbies checked have in common.

The more you select the better and faster the match making. The less you select the longer and worst the match making is.

Allows for large pools similar to now but with options without the need or time to vote.

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Why in the -Yoink!- hell are Bomb and CTF together?

I agree very much. The new modes added in makes it even more likely that various challendes will never be completed.