Individual Game Mode Specific Queues

343 can you please just make each individual game type it’s own playlist and queue? If I want to play Oddball or Slayer or CTF then why can’t I just select these game modes and play already? It’s so time consuming having to sit through over an hour of playing games in the Quick Play/Big Team Battle playlists just to get to a game mode you need/want. I want to be able to just select my game and join that or queue for it at least. This is not made any better due to the fact that you make specific challenges to complete/win specific game modes, or to complete certain tasks in certain game modes (getting melee kills whilst holding the Oddball or you specifically having to capture the flag for your team). I had a challenge to win Oddball games but had to play for over an hour in the Quick Play playlist where I got 4 slayer games and 2 CTF games before finally getting an Oddball game. I wish I could just select Oddball and then launch a game of it. I would even happily wait in a queue for a specific game mode because queues are likely to be shorter than the playtime required in the QP playlist just to get a game of what you need. This current method just forces me to either quit out of games I don’t need which can then result in bans, or to keep using challenge swaps which just helps line your pockets (quite convenient this is the approach you took). You’re the one forcing me to play specific game modes for challenges sake and the battle pass and it doesn’t feel good at all when you’re punished by not being allowed to play or in the wallet for it. Just give people the power to pick what game modes they specifically want to play and when they want to play it, even more so if you’re going to force challenges on them to do these game modes in the first place. Plus I would happily queue or enter a game mode with other people who are joining because they want to actually play and complete the main objective of that game mode, rather than just using them as fodder for completing other challenges you have forced on them like weapon specific kills and not really contributing to the overall objective.

Why make us sit through games that aren’t even rewarding in the slightest (except for a pathetic 50XP towards the Battle Pass) and that causes our enjoyment of the overall game and gameplay to be deteriorated? You’re going the wrong way with how to handle this game and hope you really make changes to this.


I agree with this, why not have a check box of the game modes that we want and when we play those, give us the challenges for those modes.
Oh, I see you are playing oddball, well here are the challenges for that mode
instead of that list that we have to cycle just to get through on what we want.

This rotating stuff is pointless.


I really don’t think there should even be any challenges that require playing specific game modes or using specific weapons either. This is forcing people to play the games they may not necessarily want to and also making them play it a certain way by having to complete both these categories of challenges. I think they should just let you play what you want when you want and let you pick which game mode you want to do, simple and such a quality of life improvent to the multiplayer with generally happier players. For the most part anyway.


I entirely agree with you, I have a challenge to get kills in oddball (while holding the ball no less) and played the last couple days and I haven’t even seen the mode.
Ended up here after not being able to cue of for oddball so that I can play the mode, was interested in it but now I’m just frustrated because I can’t work on the challenge and I can’t get rid of it either without using a swap token to get something that I can play for the event. Which is the more frustrating part.
Plus I don’t understand how to tell when the mode I want would be live.

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Oddball isn’t a specific game event, you need to just play the Quick Play playlist. Quick Play loads a random game up so it could be a Capture The Flag game or an Oddball game or Slayer etc, it’s just random. You should be able to get an Oddball game though if you keep playing Quick Play. The annoying thing about that though is that there is a random chance of Oddball being the game mode you get and then if you don’t get 3 kills while holding the ball in that game then you gotta keep playing all over again until you get another Oddball game.

Didn’t say that it was a particular event, my point was I can’t do the challenge to try to free the slot up for a challenge that would give event progress (for the current Fractured event)
Yeah that’s kind of what I mean, game could just go two rounds if you get trounced, and got lucky and got the mode and got the three kills in the single game (also while having the ball you have slower walk speed and no increased melee damage was that always the case? Feel like it wasn’t but might be because how my friends and I would customize the mode) I don’t mind it if I’m in the mode for everything but when it’s zone control and I need to do slayer or any other mode I don’t get why it’s not separated out fuller. CTF, zone control and oddball being part of a play list for example.
I’d be happier if we had a pool of challenges we can swap out from (like warzone does it) or they can be done in any mode (like fortnite does it, though that also allows you to select a particular mode if the current LTM’s work better for it).
Another good example is that I have not interested in doing the ranked mode right now but had to use one of my swap tokens so that I again could free up the slot for something I could/wanted to work on or so I could get a challage for the fractured event into what is active.

I get what you mean, and good that you got the game mode quickly then. That’s what annoyed me because you could spend ages playing Quick Play before you get the game mode you need so they should just have all the individual game modes within Quick Play for you to choose individually what you want to play when you want to play it. That’s why I think there shouldn’t be challenges designed for playing specific game modes because you can’t even choose the game as an option.
Regarding your issue with holding the ball in Oddball too I thought you used to have stronger melee too when holding the ball but I could be wrong.
I also hate the same thing you mentioned about the Fractured Tenrai special event is that the challenges are mixed in together with normal challenges and that you don’t unlock some until getting rid of other challenges, the challenges for the Battle Pass and any temporary events should be just kept separate to one another, and you shouldn’t have to wait to unlock certain challenges either, should just be able to do them all and have them all available from the start, because it’s so annoying when you have a challenge like the Oddball one and you get an Iddball game and do that but then because you haven’t unlocked that challenge yet it doesn’t countyowards it, and then you have to do it all over again when you eventually unlock that challenge, it’s such a stupid system.

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Also don’t forget about the inability of getting more then 10 challenges per week, I’m wondering if by the end of the week 2 you can do 20 or if it’s you can go up 10 levels per week and if you didn’t play one of the other weeks to bad (I wasn’t playing when the event originally dropped. I’ll find out as I’m at 9 with the event currently so we will see)

They already had it right with MCC’s match composer (even that still needed work) and they just threw it out for no reason.

Whilst not perfect they actually had a good system with MCC and made steps in the right direction and what players wanted, and then for Halo Infinite basically took all that and threw it out the window and didn’t do that. MCC was always about no FOMO and can play whatever you want when you want and just friendly for players. Then with this one they went the opposite direction and force you to basically play game modes they want you to play (whether you like them or not) and do thing in them which makes them even more annoying if u dont like that game mode. Infinite also has FOMO now with ridiculously priced micrktransactions that rotate in the store and you never know when you can get things again, but also missing out id you don’t play every day too. Take the Christmas event for example, whilst it was easy to rank up ad you just had to play 1 game of anything a day, it required you to log in every day and play and if you couldn’t then you would miss out on some rewards. Why do they think this is OK? Maybe it’s ok for pro players and streamers who literally do nothing but play games or it is their job to play games but regular people have lives and work and go on holidays (especially over the Christmas period) so can’t always be online every day to earn rewards and it punishes them for it, which is what 343 set out not to do in MCC by making previous events repayable and you could pick what season to apply your winnings too so you didn’t miss out on things. Games nowadays just tend to cater to pro players or streamers and if you’re not one of them then you’re basically left behind because they’re all that matters in the gaming community anymore, and I’m so sick of it. That’s not just an issue with 343 either, that’s multiple games companies and games too with that attitude and its ridiculous. I would live to know who they all hire as play testers for their games as majority of games seem to be released unfinished still and have unfriendly practices like that, and no regular people (if they were play testers) would come back with great feedback with half the stuff these games have. But it’s always the pros and streamers who get invited to play test things, who have nothing but time tonally games etc so those ridiculous tasks set out are achievable for them because all they do it play, but the common people do

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I never did all of the challenges on Week 1 of the Fractured Tenrai event either so I’m a bit behind with where I could be in that, however I will manage to do all of this weeks. They have said there will be multiple weeks of it so there should be plenty of time to do the challenges and earn all the rewards but we will just have to wait and see. The stupid thing about it though is that people want to earn the cool rewards and then equip them in their spartan to play as them but its dragged out so long and all the good stuff is at the very end, so by the time it finishes and you have unlocked anything they will only end up bringing something new out with new armour cores or new rewards and then you won’t want the older stuff you have unlocked as much anymore or to use them because you will want the newer stuff. They should do it so you can earn great rewards straight away and equip items so you look and feel cool playing throughout the event, and then when it’s finished and there’s a new event you xan then aim for that stuff, rather than getting everything at the end and then a new event just making all of that content you have just unlocked ‘old news’ essentially.

Yeah, I was excited that if you buy the battle pass you can work on it at any point there in, which is awesome. Fortnite use to do that. Max the pass and there are extras you could work on (and didn’t have to get done during the season they were earned) now it’s all within season and if you can’t do it to bad. One of the seasons being if you want to unlock all the variants you needed to reach level 300 (almost impossible without buying levels)
But yea it’s annoying that its all locked down and locked out per week. Almost like they want you to spread out your time then going through and grinding for what you want to get.

But yea the winter event gave you three days you could miss (I missed four becuase I thought I had played one day and I didn’t, so stupid) which means I missed the orange armor coloration (not to hurt over it) but also why can’t we customize the colors of the armor? You could in all the other modes up till 4 I believe and what we have is more like Halo: Combat evolve.

Yeah the FOMO is stupid, at least you luckily missed out on the orange armour, its ugly anyway and doesn’t really say Christmas haha. I also agree that would should just be able to customise our armour colours like we could in previous games but then they would make less money then from the store. Why they decided to go with the set shades system though is beyond me because Bungie did it with Destiny and no one likes the shader system, yet 343 thought it would be a good idea to still do it anyway in Halo even though people already hate the system in another game, plus they don’t even look nice too majority of them are dull and boring and ugly. I would probably say like 8 out of 10 armour color shaders look horrible anyway and I wouldn’t want to equipt them on my spartan, let alone pay for them in the store haha. It’s all about money and microtransaction and FOMO now though, and if you’re not a pro gamer or streamer with playing games as a job then games nowadays just aren’t catered towards you anymore and it’s tougher to accomplish/achieve things, especially when you are required to log on every single day. That’s basically like 343 saying you can’t go away on holiday or you can’t be sick and not play and you can’t do your actual job or overtime which then gives you mo time to play games, or you can’t go and meet up with friends in the real world and socialise because you need to be logging on yo our game every fau if you want ugly rewards. Speaking of rewards too, emblems need to go, there’s 2 many emblems (armour, vehicles, weapons and nameplates) so when you buy a bundle majority of it is emblems with 4 in the bundle and then even the battle pass and challenges just reward you with the same emblem multiple times but just for different things. I don’t even care about the emblems, I care about my nameplate one and armour one maybe and that’s about it.

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Also another gripe with their chalice system. When you log in the next day whatever you had for challenges sticks around. So not having one replaced with what would be for the event seems like an under sight everything given.

What do you mean by this one? I’m not quite sure about what you mean eith this issue.

Two things, since I’ve gone through my challenges for this week. Well minus the three I currently have and once I complete one I’ll let you know if I get new or that’s it, guessing that’s it.
Lets say you finish for the night and you have three of the big team modes that are on your list.
Come back the next day, you will still have the same challenges.
In my case last I played a couple days ago I had: Play a game of Stockpile, Win and Game of Stockpile, and Earn score in big team modes.
Haven’t played in two days and still had those three challanges sitting there (zero progress on them). Which is annoying becuase getting into the big team modes are a pain and also gettting the right mode is luck.
They don’t get swapped and don’t get moved around, you get a list of challenges that are good for a week and that’s as much as you get. Going back to limiting people’s ability to level up the battle pass quick, you do get dailies but after 5 games you are earning 50xp per match and you need 1000 or so to get a level on the pass.

So for the event at the start of the week you get 10 challenges to complete and that’s all you will get to work on the event till you get next weeks challenges.

I get what you mean now. Challenges don’t refresh daily they only refresh weekly and stay the same unless you have made progress on them. You can also swap any challenge except the ultimate challenge, and you unlock the ultimate challenge after doing all the others. If you have any challenge swaps available then you just press A on them and it asks you to confirm if you want to use a challenge swap to change the challenge or not and then you can press A again to confirm. As for BTB that’s also another issue entirely they need to hurry up and fix, but it’s not impossible to get into a game of one just takes quite a few tries.

Yep looks like you get the 10 challenges and that’s it for the event for the week it is active, just hoped on and checked. Meaning you can’t get rewards you missed for the weeks prior. I really want to know who thought doing events this way was the way to do things?

Yeah it’s a bit of an odd way to do challenges, plus people like to unlock rewards and then equip them and wear them throughout the event. The way this works though is thay you basically don’t get the best items until the end, and by that point the event is then over and there will be a new event and people won’t care about those old rewards anymore as much because there will be a new set to work towards. They should at least make it so people make use of the rewards now during the event whilst it’s still on.
You should also see how the game is once you have completed the battle pass. I have 2 friends who have already finished it and I am currently in the 90’s now of it but after it there’s no rewards or gear or anything for the rest of the season (except for the weekly challenge rewards which are usually emblems majority of the time). I also have a friend who has 0 challenge swaps left and because they could only be earned from the Battle Pass they have no way of earning anymore and can’t swap out any future challenges for the remainder of the season (which runs up to May I believe).