Individual CSR is destroying teamwork.

I don’t care if a playlist is supposed to be social or not. If it is a team playlist it should be graded accordingly. Individual CSR is destroying the concept of teamwork. By only leveling the top scorer you are encouraging players to be incredibly selfish and disregarding winning all together. I will have more success ranking up if I search alone, don’t call out, constantly rush alone, allow my teammates to fail so their score stays down and just completely bait my team. How are newer players going to progress in skill or learn how to play if you are rewarding and encouraging terrible game play?

Individual CSR also discourages people that like to search with a team since it only ranks up a small number of people who where top scorers. The other players on your team that you are searching with are punished if you out score them instead of being rewarded for contributing towards the victory or supporting the top scorer. If someone goes 10-5-2 in slayer and there are at least two players that out score them in the game they will most likely not rank up or even lose a rank even though they had an extremely successful game and probably contributed more to their teams success than other players. I thought we learned our lesson about individual ranking in team game types with arena in Halo reach, but I guess I was wrong.