Indisputable proof of unjust cR ban. Rendered vids and link included.

I originally posted this over at in the hopes of getting an employee to look into it. So far no one has.

The last few days myself (“jakbutt”), “save it bro”, “LJKoetje”, and a “guest” (my friend Ryan) have been playing MM everyday after work (here in Iraq).
We have been mostly playing Multiteam, Living Dead, Rumble Pit, Team Objective. and a little bit of Team Snipers over the last 4 days totaling about 60 plus games.
Since we have 4 people on one console our playlists are limited, and we have been bouncing back and forth between those ones.

I am assuming we caught the eye of the “banhammer” due to Ryan’s (our guest) poor performance and assumed we were “idling”. He’s not very good at FPS, but enjoys playing them with us. While he never gets too many kills he does do fairly well at holding the Oddball, getting “hill time”, and collecting skulls in “Headhunter”. He’s usually on our team, so we are the only ones who suffer for his poor performance, but that’s fine with us because he’s our friend.

I know people use this excuse all the time in the forums, and I understand if you think this is BS, but I have gone the “extra mile” to prove that we were doing nothing wrong. We were not “idling”, “AFKing”, “boosting”, or anything of the sort. We were simply four friends trying to have some fun in MM and forget about our surroundings for a little while.

Apparently no one here on could possibly fathom that not everyone is as good at Halo as them. They have all called me a liar and said that it is impossible for someone to be that “bad”. Well I take being called a liar personally so I went through my “recent game history” and saved every game with him playing in it that I could. There were still a total of 19. I recorded, uploaded, and rendered the first 1 to 2 minutes of those 19 games to prove that Ryan (my guest) was indeed playing, just not very well.

The first 19 non arena games in my history were all played with my guest.

There are 19 videos in my fileshare named “Not AFK ‘X’”. Each one of those videos is related to my “recent games”. “AFK 1” vid goes to game 19. “AFK 2” vid goes to game 18, etc.

Basically those are the last 19 games that Ryan played before we got banned. In them you can easily see that he is new to FPS, but playing.

I appreciate you taking the time look at this.

Round Two: 36 hours later.

Me, “Save it Bro”, and “Grillstompa”(the LIVE account Ryan made today) are all banned again. Our first ban lasted 24 hours. While we were still banned we played Campaign with him and some customs to help get him more acquainted with how to play. We eventually started seeing cRs pop up on the screen, realized that the ban had been lifted, and then went back to MM thinking that now everything would be cool. I guess not.

I was able to laugh about it the first time (ban),“Haha Ryan, you suck so bad they think you’re AFK”, but now I’m just mad.
Ryan even made a LIVE account just so this wouldn’t happen again. I guess he wasted his money.

So what now? I guess now I have to tell him we can’t play together anymore, at least online. So now I have to tell my friend, who is a grown 31 year old man, that he can’t play a video game with us. Even though he’s now done all the same stuff we have; signed up for LIVE, made a account, etc. that he can’t play a video game anymore. That’s pretty sad. Probably won’t be a problem though, I’m sure he feels alienated enough that he won’t want to play again. I guess the banhamer solves problems that it creates…

Even “Save it Bro” just started playing Reach about 2 weeks ago. He hadn’t played a Halo game since H1. Glad I convinced him to give Reach a try… He’s about 50/50 whether he’ll ever play again too.

Even me, I’ve been playing since the H1 days, and I’ve never been so discouraged about this series before. I won’t stop playing, but that’s probably just because I already have so much time invested in the game.

I went ahead and saved the games we played today, in case I need to render and upload them too. Guess I’d have to use one of their fileshares though since mine is about full.

All in all, a very disheartening day to be a Bungie/Halo fan.

that sounds bad even for the ban hammer so maybe 343 will look at this and help you