Increasingly laggy gameplay?

I mean is it just me, or has the game gotten more jittery and laggy the last week or two? I have an excellent internet connection and the game was never like this for me since launch so… anyone else?

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I was just thinking that today! I have google fiber gb up and down. Hardwired. I JUST started seeing this.

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Maybe that BTB “fix” broke other stuff. It’s definitely a noticeable difference from what I’ve experienced since November.

Meh can’t say I’ve noticed it getting any worse, the hit detection, desync, and high ping issues are the same piles of garbage they were at day 1 for me at least. I wouldn’t doubt their servers and engine is crashing and burning more, this is what happens when you rush out a product for greed.

Restart the game every hour or so.
It reduces your time on the servers and prevents desync and lag from becoming really noticeable.

That or you are being put on servers out of your region.

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