Increasing the weapon, vehicles, and equipment arsenal.

**A note on equipment: The safest thing to do is to not add any at all, or at least keep them out of a group of playlists, and not build the game to suit any form of equipment. (E.G they had to but soft barriers to keep jet packers out, they put sword block in to suit a CQC sprinter or evader, they increased the blast radius of both the banshee and grenades and made them powerful so that if you armor locked it would be more effective than dodging the Grenade/whatever it is they shot at you. Decreasing run speed so that a sprinter could run faster, decreasing jump height so a jet pack would be needed.) Dont do any of that please w/ equipment. make us a SPARTAN! not an inspector gadget!!, let us jump high, walk fast, dodge grenades, and be a B.A.! If you do add equipments, please make sure it SPEEDS UP gameplay, and make it so that gameplay with NO EQUIPMENT AT ALL w/ normal settings is still fun (the classic playlist in Reach was mostly grenade spamming, NO FUN!:frowning: )

[Oh and just real quickly make us earn armor instead of getting credits, and bring back either halo 2 or halo 3’s ranking system, it made matchmaking a funner more social experience]

OK, now weather or not Halo 4 gets a complete overhaul of weapons or we still have familiar weapons from previous halos, Please add an unprecedented ammount of new weapons. and not crappy ones like the grenade launcher or the concussion rifle or the plasma launcher, or the focus rifle.

You guys have 6 forms of weaponry,
-Precision long range (snipers)
-Precision medium range (BR, Carbine, pistol, DMR, NR)
-Automatic medium to close range (AR, Plasma Rifle, Brute spiker, needler, SMG)
-CQB and Melee (Shotgun, maulers, Energy sword, G-hammer)
-Heavy and antivehicular (Brute shot, rocket launcher, FRG, Missile pod, Splazer, turrets)
-and specialty (Needler supercombine, Plasma pistol shield drain, Plasma pistol vehicle disable, flame thrower, Plasma grenade sticks to things)

Please, double the ammount of weapons in each category! Add more specialty weapons, add more snipers, add more of EVERYTHING! and please do the same with vehicles. From Halo 2 to Halo reach, The arsenal of weapons and vehicles has not changed too dramatically. In halo 4, you guys would be making everyone happy by adding many new weapons and many new vehicles.

(Melee) A super-high tech advanced KATANA!!!
(Long Range) A sniper with explosive bullets!!!
(Medium Range) A brand new assult rifle with hollow rounds!!!
(Vehicle) Pelicans, Phantoms, and Scarabs, OH MY!!!

Shadow, you are thinking to -Yoinking!- big! A knife would be nice for melee, an RPGish heat seaking bullet that will have a Splaser-y charge time and double zoom as the new log range thing. A plasma shotgun that obliterates shields and vehicles overheats. For the specials, a spiderman like weapon that shoots goo that springs you towards the location you targeted.

Thanks, “ran and shai”, I always like to think BIG. Still, I’d love a katana.
…you meant that in a good way, right?