Increasing bot difficulty in quickplay

As it currently stands, when a plater quits a game, they are replaced with a nice little bot set to “Marine” difficulty, this is nice however it more often than not seems to help the enemy complete challenges if anything. I find myself often looking at the scoreboards and seeing that the worst humans in the game still preform better than the bots ever could at this difficulty, and increasing the bot difficulty to “ODST” or even “Spartan” might remedy that.

Here is why this would help:

  • Bots in slayer game modes are free kills often hurting the team they are with more than helping, increasing their difficulty would help prevent a bot simply hand out a victory to the enemy.
  • Bots while objective oriented lack “common sense” taking things like the Oddball and randomly walking around the map (and usually into the enemy) instead of gravitating towards their team or doing something as simple as hiding in a corner. If they were at least capable of slaying, it would encourage players to be more objective oriented themselves instead of struggling to work around the bot.
  • If bots were more competent, the remaining players would be less likely to quit, or at least not be as discouraged
  • Bots don’t use vehicles, this locks out some options for players (or at the very least, makes it harder, as a bot won’t get in a warthog even if it has a flag) while giving the enemy more free reign over the vehicles themselves, if a bot presence could at least contest locations, this would give players more breathing room.

I know this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things and there are definitely others things that should be addressed first, but I figured this would be worth at least throwing out there as one of those QoL improvements.