Increase Sword Strength

I believe this weapon should be even stronger. Possibly emit a energy field when it misses. Perhaps even allow it to absorb and reflect some bullets. One hit kill for an energy sword isn’t enough for me

Absorb/reflect bullets lol

Gravity Hammers occupy the role of melee weapons with an AoE. Swords require precision.
I disagree with your ideas. Swords are fine as is.

How can it get anymore powerful than a 1 hit kill?

A one hit kill that emits energy and hurts opponents

ever used the vorpal talon or the prophets bane? i am wondered why they didn’t nerf the pb

Yes I have, and I love them. When I see these swords, I think Lightsaber strength, absorbing the force!.. They just look more radical than they are.

Maybe just add light sabers?

A spartan energy based sword weapon?

who knows