Increase in South American Players/Mexican Players

In the eight games I have played with at least two players from a Latino Nation. My friend said that whenever a community playdate pops up on the dashboard that the a lot of Latino players flood whatever game is scheduled for the playdate.

I just wanted to see if its just me/probability of matchmade games, or if anyone else has noticed a player population spike.

*This post is not meant to incite hate or be racist; it’s merely a question regarding player populations and should only be taken as such.

Player populations always increase during playdate schedules.

> Player populations always increase during playdate schedules.

I understand that however, in the past week I would only play with someone from a different continent every 10 games or so. The matchmaking system is either averaging my pairings out with the law of large numbers or the player count from Latino nations has risen.

OP was posted with the intent to see if other players had also been paired with players from Latino nations more frequently today or if it was just me.