Increase in Quitting

Yeah…you get it eventually. After visiting the forum a bit you gain the privileges.

Don’t worry. I have the flag option. And I’m not a 343 paid defender. :wink:


Hmm yeah you should definitely have that after 6 months :thinking:

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Hint-it wouldn’t be the first time😒

Anyways, I’m gonna quit this thread just like I quit halo infinite until they make it a fully functioning AAA game with loads of FREE content


Rest easy kings


Likewise, of the group I played with, I was the last hold out. They all went back to what they were playing before, or are trying new games.

I’ve tried to get them to play a round or two here and there, and they won’t even jump in for that. Beyond that, there isn’t a single person on my friends list that I see playing this game. There were, and now they have all returned what they had been playing previously.

So regardless of what the internet, forums, YouTube, social media says, from my personal experience, this game is dying quick.


Same. Started with a group of 8 playing every night…now it’s just me and even I’m struggling to have the motivation to play this game.


Since the update I’ve definitely been discounted more. But not much. I play on a XboxseriesS…

before the update I got disconnected about five times since launch.

After I’ve been disconnected the same in a week.

Although I have witnessed more players deranking or just being stupid in ranked matches.