Increase in Quitting

I jumped back into ranked after the reset, and have noticed I’m having way more quits than usual–maybe about one in three games are disintegrating due to quitters. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this, or if it’s just weird day.


When I actually do ranked, I play with friends. So I thankfully never have to experience this.

The Matchmaking AI will never be good enough to give me reliable teammates on a regular basis. In any game. I want to play to win, not play to win, but only some of the time…

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people aren’t quitting, they’re crashing.


There is a weekly challenge to complete Ranked matches. Some of the players leaving are probably quitting because they usually do not play Ranked. They become disappointed and frustrated. Then they leave because they have nothing to lose.

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Most games now-a-days are filled to the brim with idiots who will drop on a dime if they don’t get what they want. I don’t believe for one instant most of the people dropping out of ranked are crashing lol.


Happy to see Venture Jones’ alt is here.

Partying up only works for one queue (crossplay). The other two queues you can only party with one other max, risking two of your teammates still quitting. If you want a full party there is only one queue option…which even then isn’t ideal because I’m sure some players prefer the others due to the input type restrictions in place.

Challenges for ranked incentivize quitting. Let’s not forget the win CTF ranked matches capstone we had not too long ago.

Crashes are still prevalent in game. Certainly a factor for some.


Look up how many people are experiencing crashing since the patch, it’s astronomically higher than before the patch hit.

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No doubt a lot of this is due to all the crashing of systems whether that be on Xbox or PC (I even sent back my XSX as I thought it was a faulty console), but I also think it’s because player care less about the game due it being so broken and the game itself which forces us to complete challenges in specific playlists.

I’ve never been one to quit games but today I found myself quit twice in games of Fiesta as I knew the team I was on was going to lose and I had little time left to get the 5 wins. If I hadn’t have quit those games then I wouldn’t have had time to finish the ultimate weekly challenge…and it’s because of quitting that I was able to complete it. What kind of piss poor game design actually makes players want to quit in order to complete challenges? It’s ridiculous.

Also I can’t take this game seriously anymore and absolutely do not care about my visible rank or CSR. It’s got to the point that just playing the game has become unenjoyable…so if my team is getting stomped or if I’m forced to connect to high ping US servers then I will quit the game without hesitation if I decide I want to. There’s no justification for quitting but it’s the piss poor game design and implementation that makes me want to and not care if I do.


Drop to your knees and lay your face in your hands over your bed. Then say “Lord forgive me for I have sinned, I quit two fiesta games. Amen.”

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Unless you can provide me actually statistics that showcase the number of people quitting because they can, from people who crash, this means absolute nothing to me.

I don’t believe it in the slightest…

Hell, most of the new people crashing can’t even get into a game, let a lone a match to crash out of it.

I went from crashing maybe once or twice a day to around 5-10 times everyday after patch and everyone I play with is having the same problems. ive been playing 2 hours so far and have crashed 3 times.

Look around the forums people are talking about it, and on youtube.

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I quit about 10% of tactical slayer matches due to hackers, the new thing they are using seems to be the AI learning which really gives 0% reaction time to any non-cheating player…….and AI learning is pretty much undetectable for now

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I’m not…
I’m going from experiences I’ve encountered on just about every other game. I do have a few hundred online games on steam, and just about everyone that has online services in plagued by quitters…

This is just a game issue, this is a community issue as well. I’m sure crashes do result into part of the problem, but definitely not the majority. Gamers over the years have turned into entitled little pricks who play team games while only caring for their own enjoyment.

Everyone just assumes if you’re not out right attacking 343i you must be riding them or something. I have very many complaints about the game too, I just don’t feel quitters is mostly their fault this time.

I played scrims today and crashed 5 times, we finish up scrims and start to play ranked. Played first game of ranked for the night, no problems a bit of stuttering when falling but nothing serious. next 2 games I crash within the first few minutes of the match and get banned for an hour.

Now the next ban I get is prob like 4 hours. I RARELY crashed before the feb 24th patch and now it’s rampant.


Yeah Yeah, that’s nice buddy I believe you there :+1:

Cool you’re a waste of time to respond to. There’s absolutely no reason for me to lie I’m sharing my experiences and it’s a massive problem right now. So yeah, have a good one.


My buddy crashed once tonight, you better believe I didn’t stick around to play that match without him.


I think he just has personal issues he needs to work on.


The game is broken and beyond repair since the last patch.
Not even one map pack since launch.
The game is dead, my friends stoped playing and are playing other games.

Not sure if mods or system automation. I think many of these people such as Fox just instant flag anyone that challenges their opinions. I’m sure the whole lot of 343 defenders auto-flag anything that isn’t praise for the game.