Increase EMP duration or raise kill barrier on Highpower

An opponent can fly a Wasp well below ground level (outer edge of map), and you can hit them with the Shock Rifle for EMP effect, and the kill barrier is so low, that they can fall a significant way, recover, and fly away. This doesn’t seem right to me.

It also appears that additional Shock Rifle hits do not increase/maintain the duration of EMP effect on the wasp while it is already stalling. It’s better to wait until they recover and hit them again.

The kill barrier is so low that I hit a Wasp with four shots (two initial shots, and two more after the first EMP wore off), and they fell even lower on the second EMP, as they were able to rise some, but not fully to their original height, and they still survived. And all this happened after they were already flying below ground level to begin with.

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I feel that in its current state the game has precious few effective options against vehicles of any type, but especially air vehicles. If the enemy seizes both sides aircraft they can effectively run the map If the pilots are competent.

That has always been true to in past Halo games, but I agree that it’s not fun to be on the receiving end of that. I think the biggest thing that should change to address that is that the Banshee should have a cool down of 1-2 seconds between doing loops.

As for countering aerial vehicles in Infinite, the Shock Rifle is very effective, and so is the Disruptor. Also, even though the Hydra has been needed against Spartans, it still easily wrecks the Wasp.

The low kill barrier probably enables shenanigans with the grappleshot because you can do things like drive an enemy warthog off & then grapple to safety. I can see why it’s frustrating vs wasps but I see why it’s there. Just snipe them or use the hydra / skewer instead.

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There are plenty of vehicle counters in the game, the problem is that the randomised spawning system in BTB means that it’s literal RNG whether or not you have access to them.

Oh yeah, forgot that the Skewer would be another good option. It’s probably hard to hit a moving Wasp though. It’s a perfect team combo though. One teammate hits a Wasp with the Shock Rifle, and another hits it with the Skewer while it’s stalled.

Also, I found that the Sentinel Beam can destroy a Mongoose really fast (hard to keep it steady though). I wonder if it works well on the Wasp.

I noticed the same thing with the hardlight shotgun thingy vs warthogs. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the forerunner ish weapons subtly favoured anti vehicle damage. Something I need to test more I think.

Skewer is fairly easy to use now, much more than it was in the flights. You shouldn’t have too much issue hitting a wasp mid air so long as you’re not half way across the map from it.

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I had no idea the Heatwave might be good against vehicles. I’ll have to test that out.

So 5 shots from the Heatwave put the Wasp into a “doomed” state where it will explode after a few seconds, and a sixth shot will disintegrate it. That’s with all six bolts hitting though. That’s probably not going to happen on a Wasp flying around up high. Weirdly, the Mongoose survives one more volley than the Wasp, the Warthog, two more.

Have you used the heatwave against ground vehicles, its honestly too good sometimes. Air is troublesome though. But there’s the hydra, like the only thing its probably good for.

They definitely nerfed Hydra against Spartans, but I’ve gotten better at using it against people on foot. You have to try direct shots more and use homing shots only against Spartans that are farther away and not moving too much laterally from your perspective. You can still hit curved shots, but it’s not as easy as Halo 5 and it takes three or four hits instead of two.

Not to this degree. Pilots have had to be more wary of lock-on attacks for years. Infinite has considerably less to keep them honest. Granted much of that can be fixed with simple weapon/vehicles spawn tweaks, it certainly isn’t wrecking the game.

Also, the S7 sniper rifle can do a one shot kill on Wasp pilots. It happened to me just last game. I was flying pretty high, so I’m not sure whether or not the sniper could see my head, but I was killed in one shot, regardless.