Increase Bots to 8v8 and allow them to use vehicles

We should be able to have 16 AI like the menu UI reflects.
It would also be awesome if the vehicles could drive and board vehicles.


Definitely agree! I would even say increase bots so you can do a full BTB match 12v12. I do think however it would be quite the task for an Xbox one or older PC to run that, and is most likely the reason why they haven’t done it yet (and limited resources)


I definitely agree at the very least bots should be able to use vehicles. I often enjoy playing custom games and don’t have alot of friends who play Halo Infinite anymore and it would be nice to have a full battle with bots.

I just want them to gradually update the bots AI in general little by little going forward to make them better and better over time. Because doing so will have a lot of benefits for several area’s in the game in the long road. Single player marine and banished ai, fire fight ai, Spartans AI for bot bootcamp and when one hops in to replace a disconnected teammate, and potentially more!

This would help tremendously for testing maps.