Increase aim assist by a small amount

After testing the game vigorously on both controller and Keyboard and mouse, I can say for certain that aim assist on controller needs to be bumped up. Along with fps issues, weird aiming issues, and the balancing of the weapons in the sandbox, aim assist needs to be addressed. I consider myself good on controller, as I’ve played on it my entire life… But in this game it feels awful to use in multiplayer. You could argue it’s because ‘players move faster’ but it isn’t. I can easily go positive every game by a landslide, but it still feels awful to use. Switch to K&M and it feels like I’m playing way smoother and faster. The sensitivity also needs to be addressed and tweaked on controller, maybe increase the scale, or increase the power of look acceleration. The Bullet magnetism is there, yes. However, the aim assist isn’t. You have to aim just as much as you do on K&M and that’s not how controllers should function. You can’t keep up with a K&M player, especially one that’s been playing the game non stop and feels comfortable doing so.

For reference: I’ve 100% all weapon drills on both controller and keyboard and mouse, and I have to say… It was way easier to get 100% on Mouse, mainly with precision weapons. I win more 1v1’s with the mouse, and I do better overall.

For the love of all that’s holy, do not get rid of aim assist. It will kill the controller player base.

Other than that, I am loving the game. The art style is just right, the music is fantastic and the customisation, weapons and game look beautiful. Thank you for hearing our feedback and acting on it. It’s tough love 343, but we love you.

We need better shorthand for ‘mouse and keyboard’. M+K doesn’t help because, tho visually shorter, is the same mouthful.

Something like ‘office input.’ Half joking. Or ‘mousepad!’ That’s a good one. Gamepad and mousepad have a nice contrasty sort of ring to it.

Sorry, you were saying something about… Idk, aim assist probably. Safe guess around here. Tho I stand to gain from increased aim assist, I don’t really care. Not my hill. Carry on.

The assist is all over the place, with BR it feel’s fine, with pistol there is literally no assist mid to long range.