Incorrect Discord Ban, mods won't give reasoning.

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I was banned for “-Yoink!- in username and profile picture.” I have posted the stick figure drawing that was my profile picture multiple times, but the mods keep deleting it instead of actually justifying why I am banned. This has nothing to do with -Yoink!- and my ban should be reversed. Imgur: The magic of the Internet. Instead, I am being silenced and the mods are not even looking at the evidence.

It doesn’t take a genius to look at that picture and say “oops that ban was a mistake, let me change that real quick”

Mods have said “you used multiple accounts” but 1) that is impossible on discord since bans are IP bans and 2) like 30 people had changed their username to Brute Head on the rHalo discord server. We were 30 different people, not one person with 30 accounts.